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Do you know how to identify the Types of Eggun of the Osha-Ifá Rule?

Types of Eggun in the Osha

Rendering honors to our ancestors is the fundamental and firm basis of the Osha-Ifá Rule.

The Egguns They take care of us, guide us, protect us and will always give us advice on how to direct our lives and how to overcome difficulties, for that reason and out of respect for the Egguns (dead) they should be very well cared for and that they feel comfortable.

Attentions given to the Dead (Eggun)

  • Egguns should not eat indoors.
  • Their offerings should be offered to them in the courtyards, and better in the hollows formed in the trees between the roots.
  • Out of respect they should eat before all the Orishas including Elegguá in every ceremony of our religion.
  • They are also asked permission for any religious celebration.

The Egguns represent the souls of the spirits, familiar ancestors or not, many of us know them but not others.

There are many types of Eguns, I comment on their names and characteristics below:

Do you know the types of Egún and the characteristics that define them?

Eggun nameCharacteristics of this spirit
Egun CheboThey are the protective spirits, since we are in our mother's womb. Although many of these spirits can be obtained in the course of our lives, some are united simply out of sympathy, by making pacts with them or by being the spirits of close friends or relatives.
Egun AraThese spirits are those that are related to us by the blood that runs through our veins, that is, parents, brothers, grandparents, children, and so on.
Egun PraySpirits that can be present at certain times and can be from friends and acquaintances.
Egun OriThis is the spirit that guides the thought of each one of us, and it belongs to the spirit that exercises in those moments as our spiritual guide apart from the other protective guides that we possess.
According to EpinThese spirits are blood relatives and act as guides for the remaining familiar spirits.
Egun AwoSpirits that were consecrated in Ifá and appear at times when their intervention is needed to help.
Egun MerinlayeProtective spirits of the four cardinal points.
Egun Ni InleThese spirits coexist with us in the home. They belong in one way or another to the houses, they can sometimes disturb and other they protect the home.
Egún Buruku or BurubukuSpirits that they send for evil (dark dead).
Egun Ni AronuThese spirits are very high, that is, superior and are endowed with a lot of light.
Egun IgondoProtectors of people who are far behind.

Tending and giving light to the Eggun illuminates our path ...

The spirits are varied and as I wrote before you may or may not know them, they may be African ancestors, but also Indian commissions, Arab commissions, Nordic commissions and many more that we cannot even imagine.

What you should be clear about is that if you decide to attend to your Eggún you must do so voluntarily, with your heart and with a lot of faith.

If you cannot attend to them correctly, it is better to leave it and do not commit yourself, because later it will be worse to leave them abandoned without light. We must be responsible and good religious.

Remember that this light that you provide is for your personal and spiritual advancement.
Maferefun Eggun

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