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Lucero Mundo the guardian of Palo Monte: Prayers, offerings and syncretism

Lucero Mundo Palo Mayombe

Bright starThis is how the deity of the ruler of Palo Monte or Mayombe who opens the roads is popularly known. The one who guides and heals, the world's first energy.

Lucero at Palo Mayombe is known as:

  • nkuyu
  • Manunga
  • Lubaniba
  • Lucero world

It is the deity of forests and roads, the energy that maintains the balance between good and evil. It is the first to receive the ngueyo (initiated in the Rule of the Stick).

Characteristics of Lucero, the messenger and mediator in the Rule of the Suit

Lucero Mundo is the first energy of paths, communications and dualities. He is considered the messenger of all the "mpungu" (deities) of the "kimpúngulu" (Congo saints) and a continuous walker.

The one who opens and closes roads:

He is commonly known as the spirit in charge of opening and closing the roads, he is also the owner of doors and fortunes. Lucero Mundo, dominates and directs the four winds.

It is the one that allows people to practice religion, since it is said that there can be no nganga (garment of the dead) without first having Lucero Mundo, since this is used by nganga, that is, as a guide so that the that are initiated can continue along the spiritual paths of the Rule of Palo Monte.

Has the key to the destiny of Men:

Lucero Mundo plays with destiny and probabilities, as he has the keys to the doors that lead to all good things.

It is the Mayombe deity who can attract all positive energies to the person and drive away negativities, but only if he wishes and considers that the believer in question is worthy.

It can bring happiness or misfortune to the person. Thus, this deity is concerned with finding the balance of all the energies in the universe.

Warrior who brings balance:

He is the messenger and mediator of God and people and the only one who knows all the ways of the world.

Also within the Rule of the Stick, he is a great warrior who seeks true balance, which is why he leads believers through the paths until they achieve success, health, stability, prosperity, etc.

Lucero Mundo brings us the energies and powers of:

  • luck
  • success within work
  • peace home
  • protection from enemies, prejudices and harm
  • lost loves
  • happiness

How is Lucero Mundo venerated in Palo Mayombe?

Lucero is the first and last to be honored in each religious ritual within the Mayombe pantheon. It is represented by the colors red and black.

This is worshiped on Mondays, since it is the first day of the week. On those days he is honored and called to manifest and listen to the different requests.

Before praying to him, always offer Lucero Mundo with your favorite foods.

Many of the offerings that are given to Lucero Mundo are fruits:

  • guavas
  • oranges
  • caña sweet minced bañayou give with honey bee

You can also offer sweets of any kind.

The main offerings are animal sacrifices, performed only by the godfather or priest:

  • chickens
  • quail
  • cock
  • goats

Corojo butter, honey, fried or smoked fish are placed inside a totuma or gourd in odd numbers around the casserole where he lives.

Lucero Mundo in Palo Mayombe is also dedicated to multiple works in order to carry out a specific activity.

According to his tastes and preferences, Palo Monte practitioners dedicate works with numerous ingredients of different kinds to him, all to pay tribute.

After he receives his offerings, we can dedicate a prayer to Lucero Mundo to thank him and to ask him to guide us and open the paths of success, health, love and prosperity.

Powerful prayer to invoke Lucero Mundo and ask for protection

With this beautiful prayer for Lucero Mundo, deity of great power in the Rule of Palo Mayombe, we ask you to intercede for us.

So we can pray to this spirit with great faith.

Lucerito, my guardian angel, you who are my protective guide, you are the one who has the mission that Manbe gave you to guide my steps and watch over me during the day and night, I ask you to always take care of me on the roads let it go.

I ask you my spiritual guide, lord of the roads and destiny, to protect me from all evil and to be my defender from all enemies, from thoughts that want to harm me, from envy, greed and above all, free me from witchcraft.

Lucero Mundo, you who can do everything, you who watch over the happiness of your devotees, I ask that if there is a spirit that wants to harm me, with your power you reject it from me and if there is an enemy at this hour and this time. holy moment that he wants to do me some harm, I beg you to intercede for me and remove from his mind any harm that he intends to do me.

Lucerito, my guardian angel, you who are the only one who possesses and has the power to open and close the paths of faithful men who serve your work, I ask you to protect me and take care of mine

May with your infinite goodness open my paths to luck and success in everything that I propose in the health and prosperity of me and all those around me.

My Lucero, my energyañaNera, you who bless the days with your light, you are my refuge and the sweet shelter before the shadows, in you I have faith since you are the father and the one who helps me when I need to travel some new path

Help me that you are the one who allows the stability of me and my family. Don't leave me without my daily bread, hold me in your hands and take me with you. So be it

Who is Lucero Mundo in Santeria? His syncretism religious tourism

As we can deduce from its characteristics and powers, Lucero Mundo is the equivalent in the Rule of the Ocha (Santeria) to Orisha Elegua, the first deity that the initiate receives and the one who opens the roads in the Yoruba religion.

Eleguá in the Yoruba pantheon is the balance of good and evil, owner of destiny and chance.

  • Both figures are related in the Catholic religion with the Holy Child of Atocha.

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