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Lucero's Foundation is made up of Palos Poderosos ≫ Get to know them

Lucero Paleria

Lucero is the deity Mayombe which the religious must first count on before undertaking any ceremony, this is in charge of opening the roads and providing the success of the purposes in the face of adversity.

He works with multiple sticks, which are constituted as key pieces of his own foundation.

3 sticks of immense energy and power

Lucero palería sticks

Among the virtues of the sticks on which Lucero relies, we can mention the victory over the enemy, the spiritual strengthening and the protection against hexes.

El Palo Bronco, amulet against evil spirits and sorcery.

The Palo Bronco responds to the call of Lucero with faithful devotion, this stick acquires a certain celebrity and renown for its protective properties against sorcery and evil spirits who are intimidated by witnessing its cosmic power.

This stick is the raw material that is often used to make ceremonial sticks, which are used in consecration rituals.

The mayombero attaches himself to the stick of Palo Bronco in order to acquire its vital energy, a force that he later uses in his ceremonies.

The Twisted Stick is used to bring good fortune to the world.

The Crooked Stick It is the wood that Lucero uses to provide good fortune and development on the world or house.

While the branch is straight, said stick is used in actions aimed at good and overtaking, but from the minute the trunk begins to twist, the stick is used to carry out negative tasks.

With the Twisted Stick you defeat the enemy, closing the roads to the same through the direct action of Lucero, who begins to place obstacles in the destination until the bad actions carried out by said person are paid before the Mayombe justice.

El Palo Amansa Guapo and his pact with Lucero.

El Palo Amansa Guapo or Abre Camino, The name by which it is also known, is an essential part of the rituals that the protective deity of the paths of life develops.

This is a very valuable club because it has multiple magical qualities, which makes it very difficult to find.

It is very useful when it comes to bending the will of the enemies, which it tames and molds for the benefit of the one who invokes it, precisely from this type of utility its name derives.

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