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La Luz de Yara: the first Cuban legend The guide that saves the lost!

Yara Light

Since the beginning of the conquest and colonization of Cuba, there has been talk about the national territory of the appearance of a powerful force that guides the lost during the night, leading them on a safe path to their destination.

This phenomenon is considered innocuous, since no complaint of aggression or disease has ever been made, rather the opposite.

This appearance is related to the death of the chief Hatuey, who emigrated from the current Dominican Republic to the largest of the Antilles promoting the fight against Spanish domination, settling in the Cuban East from where he played an important role during the beginning of the struggles for the independence.

What is the origin of Yara's light?

The origin of the Light of Yara is established at the time when Chief Hatuey was executed at the stake in front of his peers with the purpose of giving them an example to mitigate their rebellion.

In the middle of the execution of such a vile act, a young woman felt compassion for his pain and threw herself into the flames to embrace him and in this way alleviate his pain.

Those who witnessed the event transmitted to their descendants the exteriorization of both souls, who in an embrace rose to form a sphere of white light, which soon after entered the mountain.

  • This phenomenon was baptized as the presence of Yara's light.

Fact that had a great impact on the inhabitants of the mountainous regions of the country, who in numerous anecdotes describe that the light has led them to their homes when they have found themselves aimlessly in the thick of the mountain.

Who was Yara?

The region named Yara is located in the current province of Granma.

Its name comes from the aboriginal, is attributed to the young woman who pounced on Hatuey when he was on the pyre, which is believed to have been his wife, a fact that is not specified until then.

What is asked in the light of Yara?

The truth is that the people of Granma give special devotion to this event, which they have kept in force to this day.

They not only ask for guidance at night to the magical light, they also beg for prosperity, health and mainly protection.

His faith towards this powerful light goes beyond any type of religious cult, since this event is not related to any theological sect described up to this moment, being linked only to vestiges of the aboriginal spiritualist current.

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