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Ma Francisca in Santería, who is she and how does her Spirit manifest?

My Francisca

Our protective spirits o Egguns (in Yoruba) they are beings of light that invade and exercise power in every spiritual space of our lives.

They are energies with their own light and from the darkness they explore each of our decisions, emotions and feelings like owls.

Thus, the dead, spirits, or Egguns radiate and illuminate with their power many people who have knowledge and gifts on the spiritual plane so that they can help others and themselves.

I have decided to write this topic because many ask who Mama Francisca really is, or other beings like Mama Tomasa, Ta' Francisco or Ta' José.

Here I write my very personal opinion and I also appreciate if someone wishes to expose their wisdom on this interesting spiritual topic.

Who is Mama Francisca in Santeria? The Protective Spirit of her and her characteristics

Perhaps you have noticed that in a specific place, perhaps a spiritual mass or a drum to Egguns, people can coincide whose spirit name is the same as that of another person present.

  • This means that in our spiritual framework, many religious can have Ma Francisca, or Mama Francisca, as we wish to call her, as a protective spirit.

It is identified with countless names in the Yoruba religion, it is also known as:

  • Francisca Seven Sayas,
  • African Queen Francisca,
  • the black Conga Francisca.

Qualities manifested by the spiritual being of Negra Francisca

Almost all the Ma Francisca that are known are loving, kind, sweet, but very righteous, with a warrior character and brave as lionesses.

Some work and heal with herbs, others with strong sticks in the bush, they also heal with their hands, with water, their healing powers are infinite.

This spirit almost always belongs to the Commissions of the Seven African Powers, to Conga Commissions, collectors, ganguleros and are closely linked to the sea with a tendency to Yemayá and in Palo Monte it is Mother Water.

Clothes that represent her

Some representations of Ma Francisca are dressed in gingham cloth, others in satin adorned with snails, or light or dark blue, as these are the colors that represent her.

Others manifest themselves wearing a double saya or skirt of 7 colors, or other shades.

In their hair as an adornment, some wear scarves, others turbans, or some other specific flower such as the Marpacifico, a flower also known as the Obelisk or red tulip (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis).

Palates and tastes of offerings

As for what they like to receive as an offering, it is very varied, it can be fruits, different sweets, sugar water, red or white flowers, they even like to smoke tobacco.

Among the drinks they like rum, others perhaps drink wine, it all depends on what they liked in life and their particular preferences.

This means that the spirits, also like us, lived on the earthly plane and continue to like what they liked in life.

Advice and answers on the representations of the Spirits

In the Yoruba religion, and in Santeria, where traits of spiritism are also manifested, there are countless entities or spirits represented by dolls, which must be duly loaded inside.

As for other spirits such as Ma' Tomasa, Ta' Francisco and Ta José, who belong to different religious branches, different representations, foods, drinks and clothing are also attributed to him, so although they are usually called the same, they are all different, since they have special features.

How can I know what spirit accompanied me?aña, your name and likes?

We can find out through research masses, so you will have information about your spiritual cord and over time it will expand and you will obtain greater knowledge.

Sometimes we look for someone to do a spiritual mass for us and we are not satisfied with what we hear, if that happens to you then you should look for another person, if they do not know anything about your life much better.

We must also take into account that our spirits sometimes hide and do not let themselves be seen because they are very distrustful, this could be an obstacle in the first sessions of spiritual investigation.

Other spirits unfold, that is, they divide, it may be that sometimes they work with the Orisha Yemayá and others with Oyá, for example.

It is also possible that their way of manifesting is different, I know people whose spirits have made an appearance before them, while others have revealed themselves through dreams.

Must I represent that spirit compulsorily?

It is not mandatory, as far as I know it is when the spirits want to be represented.

Can I prepare an entity to represent a spirit?

If it is our spirit, we can carry it ourselves.

Although some spiritual loads can be carried out by us, there are also the loads of nfumbes (anonymous spirits in the Palo religion) which is very different and in this case they must be people who have a cauldron and ngangá.

How to know what to carry cargo?

We must have patience, they themselves through dreams, intuitions or masses, they will reveal it to you, we can even have the same entity for many years and every day we will learn more about them through the revelations.

For example, these spirits may ask you for snails, cascarilla, sticks, river or sea stones, to name a few, and many more elements.

Of course, it is vitally important to attend to the spiritual vault by sitting in it, saying prayers, giving light, having the vault gleaming and the glasses of transparent water, and putting Faith in it that without it we will not solve anything.

Can someone else prepare my entity?

Yes, they can, as I said before, but I always recommend opening your eyes wide and being present when they prepare your entity so that you know what is inside.

More importantly, if you don't know that person, then I advise you to be very cautious.

I have seen and heard people who have ordered their entity to be prepared and, having to go forward with prosperity, go backwards, entanglements are formed and paths are closed, so we must be aware when doing so.

I hope this information has been of some use to you, if you wish you can write to my email, I can accompanyañate on your spiritual path. May the Egguns protect and bless you forever, giving you a path of light and truth. Blessings.

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