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Who is Madre de Agua? Deity Mayombe and Mother of humanity

Mother water Palo Mayombe

The Goddess of Water and fertility, the Mother, to whom the devotees come asking for her help and protection against any problem in the Rule of Palo Mayombe.

She is also considered the mother of humanity and protector of all her children. It is the mother of water that governs the oceans of which it is said, life was created in the world and owner of the 7 seas.

The Mother of Water in Palo Mayombe is the feminine spirit of fertility. She is asked for the stability of the home and family, peace and protection for her followers.

In the Rule of the Palo Madre de Agua she is the first daughter of Tiembla Tierra (Obatalá in Santeria), which is why it is said that she is queen and mother of other Mayomb deities.

It is symbolized by the waves of the sea in the plane of nature, but Má Lago is also related to wisdom and ancestral knowledge.

It is said that he is a symbol of intelligence and fearlessness and rewards his devoted sons with his knowledge.

Madre de Agua or Má Lango is also known as:

  • Kalunga or Mama Kalunga
  • pungo kasimba
  • Mama Umba or Mbumba Mamba
  • Nkita Kiamasa or Nkita Kuna Mamba
  • Bastion

His deity is considered as a symbol of:

  • Motherhood, fertility and marriage
  • elegance and wealth
  • love, mainly filial
  • creativity and
  • sorcery.

Characteristics of the Goddess of Fertility and Mother of the Waters in Palo Mayombe

To Madre de Agua, mother of humanity, her children come to thank her for her immense protection and to beg her for health, love and material wealth.

  1. Má Lago represents the intelligentsia, the knowledge and the changing character, as well as the sea itself. His character is said to be just and ruthless, inflexible when it comes to punishing wrongdoing or protecting his children.
  2. Being its main attribute water and its strength, Madre de Agua is the source of life, giving it and taking it away. She is powerful and is owed a lot of respect, as her anger is said to be like a storm or a hurricane, violent and fearsome.
  3. Madre de Agua is the emblem of mental purity and wisdom, in addition to being a strong and warrior entity. It is the Nkisi (spirit) of the center of the earth, associated with volcanoes and lava.
  4. As motherShe is compassionate and loving, extremely protective of her devotees. His power heals, and helps his children to the same level that makes his enemies tremble, those who hurt their loved ones.
  5. Your favorite colors They are blue and white and it has an element of power called agbegbe or fan, made with duck or peacock feathers, adorned with pearls and shells and other elements of the sea.

Also among its attributes is an object made with a horse's tail, containing blue and white beads and a bell.

How to honor the Mother of Water?

Má Lago bestows peace and protection on his devotees and followers, in addition to innumerable riches, spiritual understanding, and psychic powers.

Therefore, you must know how to honor and care for it.

Among the offerings to Madre de Agua in Palo Mayombe is the Ochinchin made with shrimp, capers, lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, tomato and chard, ekó or corn tamale wrapped in banana leaves, an olelé or carita beans or beans, covered made pasta with ginger, garlic and onion.

  • Food is offered such as green bananas in balls or yams with okra, black beans or caraotas, gofio palanquetas with molassesaña, burnt coconut, brown sugar, whole fish.
  • Like fruit such as melon or watermelon, pineapples, papayas, grapes, pears, apples, oranges, among others.
  • They immolate him animals with rams, ducks, chickens, pigeons, quail, geese.

We can pray to Madre de Agua to thank her for her blessings and ask her for her essential protection against all evil, as well as health and prosperity.

Prayer to Madre de Agua to ask for her protection

  • This is how Goddess Mayombe is prayed:

Mother of water, seven salts, you are immense in your glory

You who guide and protect all your children, and provide them with the material and spiritual riches that the world keeps

Mother of the ocean, I ask you never to abandon me and to bless me with all good things

Protect me and mine and do not let anything negative enter my home and harm us

With your clear waters, clear my path and allow that with your light I can see the best opportunities to grow in my life and arrive soon at my destination.

With your murky waters destroy evil and drive away the shadows of disease, sadness and misfortune

With your seven skirts, open seven paths for prosperity, tranquility and growth.

In the name of God. So be it

Madre de Agua and its syncretism in Santeria

Madre de Agua in Palo Mayombe is equivalent to the Orisha Yemayá in the Rule of the Ocha or Santeria.

Yemayá is the Mother of the Oceans and of humanity, benefactor and protector of pregnant women and women in the Yoruba pantheon.

  • Both figures are associated with the Virgin of Regla in the Catholic religion.

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