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The Mpungos and Madre de Agua: The Goddess of Fertility in Palo Mayombe

Mother of Water in Palo Mayombe

El Palo as an African religion It can be considered one of the most widespread rules in Cuba, it is said that the name "mayombe" refers to the Mayombe Jungle, from where many slaves were brought from the Congo.

There are mainly three Rules of Suit and these are:

Sticks of the Rule of stick Mayombe

Palo Mayombe Rule:

The palo mayombe is subdivided into branches and it is clearly seen how the Bantu language is used with the Castilian one.

  • Mayombe Pulls Pawn
  • Battle Get Pawn
  • Nsala mayombe 
  • Ngando Sese 

Palo Briyumba rule:

This rule has many elements from the Osha Rule. The Palo Briyumba is also divided into branches:

  • Break mount
  • War Ends World
  • mayaca 
  • Seven Briyumba 

Palo Kimbisa rule:

This rule has a mixed element between Yorubas and Christians. In this the Christian syncretism in the Branch of the Holy Christ of the Good Trip is very evident.

Its founder Andrés Petit He used at least six different religions to create this rule in order to protect people from retaliation and bewitchment.

Forces (Mpungos) in the Rule of Palo Conga or Monte

The Mpungos are the deities or energies worshiped in the Rule of Palo Mayombe, equivalent to the Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon.

Next, we mention the most important ones, along with their Yoruba and Catholic syncretism. Although we will focus more in this article on the characteristics of the Mother of Water deity.

mpungosSyncretism in SanteriaCatholic Syncretism
NzambiOloddumare the Supreme GodGod
sambianpungoOlofin the CreatorJesus Christ
Earth tremblesObbatalá the father of all men Virgin of the Mercedes
Lucero worldElegguá or Eshú the owner of the roads Santo Niño de Atocha and San Antonio de Padua 
SarabandeOggún the owner of the mountain and the iron San Pedro
Seven raysShango the king of candle and lightningSanta Barbara 
Chola or Mama CholaOshún the queen of honey and loveVirgin of Charity of Copper
Mother of Water or Má LangoYemayá goddess of the sea and watersVirgin of Regla
Centella Ndoki or MariwaraOyá Yansa the owner of the sparkSanta Teresa
Strong Arm or Cape of WarAggayú Solá the giant of Osha San Cristobal
Nkisi Ngurufinga or GurufindaOsain, the one who dominates herbs, plants and trees San Silvestre
Ksimba or KabangaOrula, the person in charge of the divination  St. Francis of Assisi
KobayendeBabalú Ayé the owner of the disease Saint Lazarus
Surumba mukallaOshosi the Bow and Arrow JusticeSt. Norbert

What does the deity Mother of Water represent?

Orisha Yemayá Okute

Mother of Water in Palo Mayombe She is the owner and goddess of the sea, she governs the oceans and gestation, she is calm and loving.

It has great secrets and powers to heal, it protects children from the moment they are born from the mother's womb, and it is very wise, it usually offers many riches.

It is said that Madre Agua was the first daughter of Tiembla Tierra.

Syncretism of Madre de Agua in Santeria:

His deity is syncretized in the Rule of Osha (Santeria) with the Orisha Yemayá, the owner of the waters and mother of the world in the Yoruba pantheon.

Madre Agua can also be named:

  • Kalunga,
  • Mama Kalunga,
  • Pungo Kasimba,
  • Mama Umba,
  • Mbúmba to Mamba,
  • Nkita Kiamasa and
  • Nkita Kuna Mamba.

Characteristics of this powerful deity:

  • Its color is the blue,
  • its fruit watermelon,
  • Your drink the liquor and molasses from caña,
  • their animals the duck, the roosters and rams,
  • his stick the bamboo,
  • your number the 7.

From Madre de Agua many more were born such as:

  • Mother of Water Ensila Buruguanga
  • Mother of Water Lutete Lubamba Sabana Engombe
  • Mother of Water Saca Pawn Vititi Congo
  • Mother of Water Katikie Lumbembe Briyumba with Mayombe
  • Mother of Water Seven League Dark Night
  • Mother of Water Pemba Carire
  • Mother of Water Approves Strength

Many are the cultures that use the force of the water element and recognize it as a maternal magical force, which provides life and emotions.

That is why Madre de Agua is such a powerful energy in Palo Mayombe.

More about the cults, traditions and deities in the Regla del Palo:

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