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Madre de Aguas: Myths of the great snake that causes evil with its eyes

The mother of waters

Ophidiophobia It is a fact that is left on the sidelines when talking about the legend that was born in the Cuban archipelago and that narrates the history and powers of Madre de Aguas, the great serpent that habita in the country's deepest lagoons and dams.

It is believed that there is not only one Mother of Waters, but that they are distributed throughout the island, habitandoing various water sources, mainly in rural areas where the existence of these scenarios is more conducive.

  • La ophidiophobia it is the fear of snakes.

Where the mother of waters lives, there is no drought!

It is said that the places where the water mother habita they never dry out despite the fact that all around the place we can see the withered and battered grass.

Witnesses claim that he feeds on animals that will quench his thirst on the edge of his undetermined home.

The gaze of the Mother of Waters causes evil

People who have seen the mother of waters should go immediately to a healer so that they cross with a basil mallet, as holding gaze with the animal is a sure cause of fever, decay and other ailments.

Some claim to have lost consciousness after this type of event and have woken up hours later disoriented.

Woman or Snake?

It is believed that despite the passing of the years the snake continues to develop physically and spiritually, as its powers increase as its dimensions do.

On occasion, peasant accounts have been collected that affirm that the gifted reptile transforms and appears in drinking fountains under the guise of a pale woman with green eyes and almost white hair.

How is the mother of Aguas described?

The mother of waters is observed covered with large and hard scales that make it impenetrable.

Two horns sprout above his head and his eyes gaze hypnotically.

Sagua la grande is the place where the largest number of sightings of this animal have been reported, specifically in the area aroundaña to the Laguna de Hoyuelos.

Myth and caution

The truth of the myth related to the mother of waters is that it served as an ultimatum so that naughty children did not suffer accidents in the lagoons, staying away for fear of these water reservoirs and thus safeguarding their lives.

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