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Pataki ≫ Yemayá the owner of the world is crowned as Mother of the Waters

Mother Yemayá

At the beginning of time, there were only rocks and fire on the earth plane, oxygen was scarce and the fauna or flora that we know today did not exist, since it was impossible to find a drop of water that would promote the emergence of life on our planet. .  

Then after taking a long journey through embers and ashes, Constitution He decided to sow life on earth so he took the steam that emanated from the burning surface of the rocks and molded it between his hands until he managed to form the clouds, which he raised to the sky.

From the clouds emerged small gothic water which little by little were in charge of appeasing the fire until it disappeared almost completely, this was the ideal moment for the wise Orisha to introduce the birth of man and animals, an event that was closely linked when germinating from plants.

The rise of Olokun and its secrets

In the deep hollows that remained on the ground, large reservoirs of water were formed, emerging the Orisha Olokun who took to the depths of this water source, which was later called the ocean, the secrets of the creation of the universe.

Oshún and its rivers are born

The water that was isolated in the ocean was salty and could not be consumed by any living being, so Olofin made other sources of supply sweet, receiving the name of river.

Place where he settled Oshun the queen of honey bees and established her dominions.

Mother Yemayá caring for the sea and men

Yemaya, who is a very astute Orisha, realized that the sea surface was unprotected and that due to this phenomenon there were multiple accidents that threatened the existence of the human race, for this reason she began to protect man while watching over the well-being of the ocean surface and the reef.

Due to the success that arose from the realization of this custody at the hands of Yemayá, her attachment to humans took place, which is why Olofin named the saint as mother of the world.

This asked the great Orisha the need to expand the ocean so that all her children could obtain subsistence from it, a request that was fully heard and fulfilled and from that day the oceans and beaches were born, crowning Yemayá as the mother of waters.

Being precisely in these places where the deity of the reef reigns.

From her domains, she watches over the safety and development of her children who visit her on the coast to pay tribute and make supplications, pleas that the saint listens to with attention and care in order to act with good and to facilitate the fulfillment of the aspirations of man, depending on the merit of each human being who comes to his house in order to obtain his blessing.

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