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Maferefún Oshún: the most beautiful Orisha celebrates September 12

Maferefun Oshun

Maferefun Oshún, the most beautiful Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon, the saint who can do everything with a smile and who also sentences you with a smile.

A respect for Oshun in our temple and for her children, for being this saint the patron saint of our island.

Oshun, the refuge of mothers and devotees

Yalorde is a very great Orisha, I do not say this only because of the virtues that she gives to the world, but because of the strong tests that she puts on her children, especially women, whom she teaches through the blows of life to grow before adversity and make better decisions.

Oshun is a fair saint, for her there are no excuses, because she warns her children that only through honest work and perseverance dreams come true.

There a very popular tradition In our Cuba, which is closely linked to Oshun, this consists of:

  • Taking newborns out of maternity hospitals dressed in yellow in honor of this saint, in gratitude for a good delivery and so that she shelters the newborn from all evil, providing health and long life on the earth plane.

Oshun is the owner of all wombs and the protector of pregnant women, so women take refuge in her to become mothers and offer her tributes.

Many blessings to all this September 12

Today, September 12, all the altars are filled with sunflowers, fine sweets, cider and music to honor the owner of happiness, well that the human being pursues until the end of his days, because without happiness and without joy you cannot live. .

On this day we wish Oshun to spill her honey over the world and cover us with her mantle providing us with health, tranquility, joy, love and all those blessings that we are capable of deserving in exchange for our gratitude, faith and love.

Oshún is the only Orisha capable of calming even the beasts, because there is nothing that she is not capable of achieving with her laughter, a virtue that she instills in the world, teaching that using sweetness gives better results than using brute force.

On this September 12, I wish that Oshún with her waters removes all adversity from your path and brings you prosperity, I wish that this saint sweetens everything bitter that may arise in your life and allows you to achieve all your purposes.

Learn more about the beautiful Oshun, goddess of love and sweetness:

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