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Maferefun Yemayá today and always: Because you don't play with Yemayá

Maferefun Yemaya

I didn't know who Yemayá was until I understood her greatness, until I could see with my own eyes how she fought tooth and nail to defend her children and those who did not wear her crown too, because Yemayá is like that, the mother of the world, the righteous Orisha who does not allow or tolerate injustice.

To speak ill of a person look for another, but do not include Yemayá in that, because this saint does not understand envy, jealousy, or hatred, she will sentence the guilty party and after he pays the price for his actions, because you do not play with Yemayá, the Yenya is not lack and above all things is respected.

It is Yemayá who makes us resurface like the Phoenix bird

Some years ago I went through a very difficult situation in my life and who do you think was there to help me?

Yemayá promised me that she would win that war for me, a battle in which even I had no idea how I would come out ahead, but Yemayá did know the solution to the problem and from my ashes she made me rise like the Phoenix, she gave me the strength that I needed, the courage to face the obstacle and the full security that no matter how difficult the situation was, she would not abandon me, that's why Maferefun Yemayá today and always.

My trust is in Yemayá and for that she will have my gratitude and my respect forever.

Yenya has a heart the size of the ocean

When the Batá drums sound and begin to play for Yemayá, no one stays seated, this action gives an idea of ​​the deep faith that is professed to this Orisha within the Yoruba Pantheon.

And there is no adversity that this saint does not solve, because Yemayá is not afraid to face anything, as long as she is right and the truth on her side will reach the end of the world if necessary for her children.

Yemayá the saint who has a heart the size of the ocean that she reigns, the Orisha of mercy, of goodness, who has nothing of her own and when she has something good she immediately goes looking for one of her children to give it to him, because what mother her first instinct is to protect.

Yemayá is not interested in being returned favors or being offered anything, she is so great that she is capable of giving to the entire planet without wanting anything in return.

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