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The Power of Corn in the Yoruba Religion ≫ Its Sacred Uses

Santeria corn

The corn stands within the Yoruba Religion as an essential element, this is used in ceremonies, ebbós and offerings to name some of its most prominent uses.

This grain is irreplaceable in the elaboration of the piñata of Eleggua because through it the Orisha sends the iré to his children, which is why the four corners are prepared with toasted corn in order for the development to penetrate the ilé (house) of the religious.

Benefits of planting corn at the foot of the Orishas.

The religious seeks development through the blessing of the Osha.

In this task, corn is an essential ingredient to achieve the purpose you want to achieve, an example of the aforementioned is the realization of a corn planting at the foot of the Orishas.

Carry out the sowing of corn:

  • For this, plowed land must be taken in a container, furrows are made on a small scale imitating those worked by the peasant in his daily tasks.
  • Corn grains are spilled over these trenches, which must be watered and cared for until they sprout.
  • Then the Orishas are asked that as the planting becomes lush, the life of the religious who carried out the work becomes prosperous and fertile.

Corn is the payment currency with which the Santero accesses the sacred places.

In the Yoruba Pantheon The santero has as a precept the realization of ebbó to overcome difficulties.

In the same way, it is necessary to negotiate the rights to penetrate the sacred places to do so with iré.

When the santero is going to enter the mountain, in the cemetery and in the funeral home, he must make a tribute to the deities based on roasted corn so that the osogbos that reside in these places stay eating the corn and cannot follow him. the trail back home.

This food serves as an offering in these same places, a tribute that is mostly related to the holy warriors Elegguá, Oshosi and Oggún who are in charge of converting the osogbos into ireses through the use of corn.

The corn eleke, the foundation necklace within the Santeria Rule.

The eleke or corn collar is a religious attribute closely related to Shango the king of women.

The believer uses it to overcome difficulties and attract economic development to the life of the santero.

How to make the necklace?

  1. To make it, a tender ear is required, which must be shelled with care.
  2. Once all the grains have been separated, they proceed to thread one by one with the help of a sewing needle.
  3. For this purpose, a resistant thread is required, in this way the grains are threaded to form an eleke.

It is necessary that the necklace touches the navel of the person, since this is a sacred point of balance for the human being, because through this small hole the man acquired his first breaths of oxygen while he was developing in the mother's womb.

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