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Who is Mama Chola Wengue in the Rule of the Stick? The faithful warrior

Mama Chola Wenge

The Rule of Stick arose at the beginning on the part of the Bantu cult In Cuban society, when they arrived in Cuba they brought their beliefs with them and these underwent transformations.

The Bantu rites barely lasted because in the barracks they could do little, it was in the maroon palenques where they could develop their first foundations in the Palo Monte, and hence the Congas Rules of Palo Monte in Cuba.

El Palo Monte is closely linked to the forces of nature, they believe that they vibrate and feel for the spirits that live in it.

In this religion the center of ceremonies and rituals is the Nganga (cauldron).

What is the Nganga and the Mpungos?

The Nganga is a container, that is, a consecrated iron cauldron where the soul or souls of the spirits are found. These are subordinated to the desire of the "palero or mayombero" through treaties that benefit them both in one way or another.

Within the Nganga there may be lands from different sites, sacred herbs and sticks, animals, bones and many other elements that are secret.

In Palo Monte as in other religions there is a supreme and unique God and he is known by the name of Nzambia or Tata Nzambi and from this God are born the Mpungos who are forces of nature or spirits each endowed with particular qualities.

Due to the mixture of cultures and religions, they are syncretized with the Oshas or Orishas of the Rule of Osha-Ifá.

  • I must clarify that one religion has nothing to do with the other, you can be "palero" and "santero", you can be santero and not be palero, and you can be palero and not santero.

Both religions are separate and with different origins despite the similarities between the forces of nature and the Oshas or Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon.

Many are the Mpungos and among them we can find:

Mpungo Lucero:

He is the one who takes the messages to God, he is a cheater, protector of the roads and uses scribbles.

  • (Synchronized with Elegguá).

Mpungo Twinkle:

He is the one who rules in the cemeteries, controls the winds and directs the souls of the dead.

  • (syncretized with Oyá)

Mpungo Zarabanda:

It is the spirit of iron, war and divine vengeance.

  • (Syncretized with Oggún)

Mpungo Seven Rays:

It is who dominates thunder, lightning, lightning and the element of fire.

  • (Synchronized with Shango)

Mpungo Mother Water:

She is the owner of the seas and oceans, she is the one who governs issues related to fertilization.

  • (Synchronized with Yemayá)

Mpungo Shakes Earth:

He is the creator and ruler of humanity, he brings peace and calm.

  • (Syncretized with Obbatalá)

Mpungo Sobayende, Obayende, Kobayende:

It is the force of everything related to diseases.

  • (Synchronized with Saint Lazarus or the Orisha Babalú Ayé)

Mpungo Kenke:

He is the one who governs vegetation, nature and the earth itself.

  • (Syncretized with Osaín)

Mpungo Ntala-Nsamba:

It is the strength of the twins.

  • (Synchronized with the Ibeyis)

And today we will talk about Mama Chola Wengue or Malenke, who is syncretized with Oshún, orisha of the Yoruba pantheon who also owns fresh waters and rivers, queen of riches and the most spoiled.

Mama Chola Wengue and her characteristics as a deity of Palo Mayombe

It is the force of the river, fresh waters and springs, it is captivating for its beauty and feminine sensuality, it is seductive and the youngest of all the mpungos.

  • She is closely linked to love feelings, she is a fierce and faithful warrior.
  • He is the one who governs the female reproductive organs, therefore, fertility works are entrusted to him.
  • They are also in charge of moorings, fortune, bets, business and love work.
  • Nzambia grants him the power to make wealth flow and to establish justice, thus forces that govern the law and prisons for the earthly order were formed. 
  • She is very affectionate, but when they are absent she can be harsh and she may never forgive again.
  • If her children are attacked, she becomes a beast as a protective mother that she is.

It is better that if you offer or promise something to Mama Chola Wengue, you keep it, because she is usually strict about unfulfilled promises. 

Natural elements that represent Mama Chola:

  • His seasoning is honey, it is his weapon of seduction and element of power to win battles.
  • Its stick is cinnamon, and it is associated with the number five, which is why 5 are usually its ataris or stones at its foundation.
  • Its color is yellow, its fruits are orange and castile melon, and its herb chamomile.

Secrets passed down on the Palo from generation to generation

Each of the paths of Mama Chola Wengue and the rest of the Palo deities have secrets and rites, always depending on the mpungo that is going to be founded. 

Most of the Palo Monte practices are verbal, passed from godparents to godchildren, secrets proper to their cult.

In the Rule of the Stick there are no books, but there are many notes that were rescued and serve as a basis for studying.

Also many traditions and cults were lost and went to the grave as untold secrets.

  • There is a misconception that Palo Monte It is used only to do evil, but remember, as a person you choose whether to act with good or evil, you can choose to work with spirits of light (Nfumbes) or with dark spirits (Ndoki).

As we always say, there is no bad religion, but bad religious.

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