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Long house and the one-armed Rondan: traces of blood in the Holguin past

Manco Rondan

Among the most talked about terror episodes of the century, we cite the presence of a murderer residing in Holguín, a Cuban province, who was in charge of causing a furor among the provincial inhabitants.

El Manco de Auras and his macabre legend

The one known as the Manco of Auras, was in charge of silencing the beating of many hearts for the pure pleasure of seeing the blood flow.

It was his cold temper and unscrupulousness that earned him the nickname of the devil.

Auras was a town respected for the hard work of its inhabitants, who with sacrifice earned their livelihood.

Many emigrants settled here, including a man from Malaga named Rondán, who, due to his ruthless acts, stars in this story.

Upon settling in Holguín, Francisco Rondán Rodríguez began to establish businesses, which did not take long to flourish and later made him become one of the wealthiest men in the area.

But as the epitaph collects, money doesn't buy goodness, this man by his actions seemed to have a heart carved in stone.

The mysteries that haunted the Long House

Among his sources of income was an inn called Casa Larga, which became the epicenter of the rest of his gruesome businesses.

Among which we can mention the trafficking of liquor and slaves, the assaults and murders of wealthy people who were staying under their auspices and prostitution.

Casa Larga was adjacent to other lands in Rondán, its basement being considered a true torture chamber, where there were numerous sharp cutting devices, rats and other debris.

When a wealthy man or woman arrived at his pension, the devil invited them to the basement to play poker for money and if they happened to win, their end was none other than to be eaten by the house, then being buried in any nearby land.

Rondán had an accomplice who was in charge of covering up all his dirty acts, who is presumed to be the local barber.

In this way the fortune of the murderers grew and with it their number of victims.

He was meaner than the devil himself El Manco Rondán

On a certain occasion Rondán got involved in a fight, a fact that cost him one of his hands, for this reason he was called the one-armed of Auras.

The one-armed Auras moved to the city of Holguín, residing with his family in a large house called La Periquera, and from there he held important public positions, positions from which he continued to embezzle.

Over the years, their homes were dismantled and it is said that the family that used the cedar planks of the Casa Larga ceiling to make their furniture lived a tragic future, being besieged by multiple apparitions related to the Rondán murders.

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