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In Otura Meyi Ifá says: Respect the peanut A story of great teaching!

Peanut Otura Meyi

Before the peanut plant hit the ground, Otura Meyi made predictions for it, warning her that:

It would be very recognized on the earthly plane, since many children would sprout from it and its fruit would be delicious to the palate.

But to live surrounded by I will go and free from enemies I had to make an animal sacrifice to esu from a goat and a ram to orunmila and thus guarantee its success and longevity.

This woman, who believed herself to be victorious, refused to listen to the advice of Ifá and began her journey to earth.

Upon reaching the world of man, it was amazingly productive, humanity knew through its fruit a new flavor that human beings liked, even creating addiction.

Pataki where the peanut plant was left unprotected for NOT listening to the advice of Ifá

The rabbit who had just given birth to her children, saw in it a source of food that was conducive to strengthening her young, so she began to tear it apart.

The peanut plant began to scream for help and, seeing itself alone and helpless, understood the failure of its decision.

Then the peanut plant was battered and by the time he thought the torture was over, the hedgehog arrived in his presence, who began to eat it, even he came to scratch his children on whom he also fed.

The badly injured plant went to see Orunmila so that he could help her correct her mistake, because without the protection of Ifá she was left unprotected and as a result of this she was losing her children.

Orula the Orisha soothsayer repeated to the peanut plant what he already knew, explaining that:

If he wanted to save himself, he had to perform the sacrifices previously indicated.

And so he did.

The traps of Elegguá and the power of Ifá drove away the enemies

Eshú, who was grateful to the offering, placed many traps around the plant so that his enemies would fall into them if they tried to dañaRLA.

Animals unaware of the news came to the plant at night to abuse it, being prisoners in the traps of Elegguá.

In this way they understood that the plant was protected and that therefore they should never approach it again.

With the passage of a few months, the peanut plant grew lush, recovering the vigor it had lost and with it its children, who since then were loyal to Orunmila and Elegguá, faithfully serving the designs of Ifá.

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