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The Hand of Fatima is a powerful amulet. Know its meaning!

Hand of Fatima meaning

The customs of eastern cultures have gradually taken over the American continent and it is clear that in these times cities are becoming more and more cosmopolitan, which is why we receive very diverse religious influences.

There are different versions of the origin of this symbol, some writings reflect its presence in Carthaginian settlements.

These related the symbol to the goddess Tanit, who was the patron saint of fertility, pregnancy and love, whose powers emerged when the moon was visible on the sky.

Other peoples settled in North Africa took the hand of Jamsa as a protective shield during the battle, as their position was a constant stop for the advance of the enemy troops, exercising authority and supremacy on the battlefield.

What does the hand of Fatima symbolize?

When the hand is placed with the fingers facing upwards it provides strength and protection

The hand of Fatima also recognized as the hand of Jamsa, is a magical-religious symbol in charge of providing good fortune and protection against danger, the evil eye and sorcery.

This is represented as its name indicates, through a hand that has an eye inside, although this last element is not always present.

It is curious to observe that the five fingers that make up the hand are united, a fact that symbolizes the equality between human beings, since in the eyes of the creator we are all his children.

This characteristic could be linked in turn with the probability of being blessed with luck, since this benefit could or could not reach our lives with the frequency determined by chance regardless of age, race or sex.

The hand of Jamsa and Islam

In Islamic doctrines the hand of Jamsa immortalizes the five pillars of Islam:

  • The profession of faith,
  • prayer five times a day,
  • alms to the poor,
  • fasting in the month of Ramadan and
  • the pilgrimage to mecca.

It is precisely this symbol one of the most famous and widespread around the world.

What you did not know about the hand of Fatima How to place it?

The hand of Fatima is related to some secrets, among these the mystery that corresponds to its orientation stands out:

  • When the hand is arranged with the fingers up His power is focused on strength and protection.
  • However, when represented inverted it is linked to love and the durability of marriage.

The truth is that many families have protected their destiny under this imposing esoteric representation.

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