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Cocoa Butter, a sacred ingredient in Osha ceremonies

Santeria cocoa butter

Cocoa Butter It is represented in religious temples by a white bar with a rectangular shape, it transmits an oily perception through the touch, it has a soft texture and an exquisite chocolate fragrance.

It is extracted from the cocoa fruit during the industrial or artisanal chocolate manufacturing process.

It arrived on the Cuban island as a substitute for the orí, a butter of a similar color that was used by African slaves to perform their rites in their native continent.

Cocoa fruit
Cocoa fruit

What is cocoa butter used for in Santeria?

It stands in the Yoruba Pantheon as one of the foundation ingredients within the Osha, being vital in the performance of holy, spiritual and Ifá ceremonies as it is represented through this a Olodumare the supreme Orisha.

The use of cocoa butter in the head prayer

Julri oil, a name by which he is also known, stands out within Santeria for presenting a close link with Obatala and other Orishas related to him.

Among many of its uses is its intervention in the ritual known under the name of head prayerWithout this white bar, this ceremony could not be performed because it has the direct blessing of the Orisha who owns all the heads.

Cocoa butter and its relationship with holy rituals

Cocoa butter symbolizes for believers peace, harmony, stability and freshness properties that are attributed to it by the secrets that it keeps which are related in a certain way to its white color.

The cocoa bar is used in order to purify the body and strip the home of bad energies, among its properties are the virtue of serenity through the touch of Obatala.

Religious uses in Santeria:

This butter is used in the making of omieros and the elaboration of addimús which are later paid to the Orishas.

This white butter is one of the few substances used to clean tools, snails and otas from Ochala, Orgán, Oque, Ori and Obatalá.

Osun the saint who is represented by the image of the rooster is refreshed with this oily substance and later covered with cascarilla.

Among its attributes stands out the ability of this ingredient to make evil slide, achieving with this that sorcery and hexes can never reach the religious who use it.

It is related as a complement in healing rituals and others focused on obtaining economic development and family and work stability.

It is useful to place a bar of this butter inside the premises where business is carried out since it is considered a natural magnet to attract good vibes.

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