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2 Sacred elements for the Orishas: Corojo and Cacao Butter

Corojo butter in santeria

We offer the Orishas their favorite offerings, and we venerate them as the deities that always accompany us.añany guide us. Our prayers are meant to offer her gratitude, to ask for her help and her blessing.

And although from the earth the deities receive prayers or offerings, in a show of devotion, faith and gratitude, we must know that it is always advised before offering something to a saint, talk to him, ask him and thank him if the The offer is to your liking, and at the same time the problems and dilemmas you want to solve are communicated to you.

Powerful butters for the deities widely used in the Rule of Osha:

And some of the most important offerings that we can give to the Orishas, ​​are some sacred butters that constitute within the religion spiritual elements of great power, used not only as ingredients of offerings (addimús), but as objects of cleaning and veneration.

These butters are so important in the Yoruba religion that the representations of some deities must always be covered with them, as well as their offerings.

Manteca de Corojo, for luck, love and opening paths

Santeria corojo butter
Corojo butter next to Oggún's tools

The corojo butter, from the African palm Elaeis guineensis, a sacred tree known as the Tree of Life, is widely known in the Yoruba religion as an important element of offerings and ceremonies.

In Cuba this important element is made from a palm called Acrocomia Crispa, native to the island.

What is Corojo butter used for in Santeria?

All Orishas except obbatala They consume corojo butter or "epó" in the Yoruba language, a strong yellow, greasy substance of great importance in the cult of African deities.

Deities such as Elegguá, Ogún, Oshosi, Shangó, Babalú Ayé and Oyá, they should always be spread with corojo butter.

This component is also used as an ingredient for its addimus and for its cleaning.

It is also used to clean the components of altars and to rub it on the otas (stones) and snails, as well as to prepare the Omiero of the Orishas, ​​that spiritual water that is prepared from powerful herbs.

By using this butter in santera ceremonies, one can ask the Orishas for help, open roads, get work, money and love and weaken the will of the enemies.

Cocoa Butter, protective element against negative energies

Cocoa butter in Santeria
Cocoa butter

In Yoruba religion cocoa butter It is one of the ingredients that should not be lacking in many rituals and ceremonies, a sacred element that combats negative energies in the environment and is used in numerous works and offerings dedicated to deities.

Cocoa butter is a syncretic element that replaced the African called Orí. It was adopted as part of the Afro-Cuban religion and is a fatty substance that is obtained in an industrial or artisanal way from the cocoa fruit, the same that is used in the production of chocolate.

Cocoa butter or jlri oil, as it is also known, is used in rituals to ask the Orishas for support in terms of:

  • Attract abundance, fortune and money
  • Ask for Health and the healing of bodily and spiritual diseases
  • Generate attraction of Love
  • Get a decent job or job
  • Repel negative energies
  • Create prosperity in Business

In the initiation process, the Iyawo or initiate in the Yoruba religion you should spread cocoa butter every night and the mañanas in your Orí, to help establish the spiritual connection and scare away the bad energies that cross your path. In this way the santero obtains protection.

In addition, as this butter is white, it symbolizes peace, purity, the immaculate and ethereal, so it is always offered as an element of addimús and in omieros, it is also a cleaning element of the Orisha Obbatalá, white father of the world. .

Oke, Osún, Ori and Ochalá are other Orishas who also enjoy the offerings and cleanings based on cocoa butter.

Rituals with Corojo and Cacao butter in Santeria:

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