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The butter of Corojo, irreplaceable element in the Rule of Osha

Corojo butter

The yellow or orange paste, with a smooth consistency, oily texture and subtle aroma is known in the Yoruba Pantheon under the name of Corojo butter.

What is corojo butter?

This is one of the irreplaceable ingredients in the holy houses, occupying a privileged place as a complement to the Osha and Ifá ceremonies.

The butter of corojo is the spiritual glue of all the ireses, in the same way that it is the substance in charge of catching the osogbos so that they do not reach the santero or break into his ilé (house).

Its origin is glimpsed from the Cuban palm, being obtained as a result of the processing of its fruits called corojos, its solid core being the object processed in order to obtain a mixture of pasty consistency.

For what purpose is corojo butter used in the Yoruba Religion?

This greasy substance has among its functions the virtue of refreshing the tools and representations of African deities, in the same way it is responsible for keeping the receptacles and otás (stones) of some Orishas clean.

Ingredient of offerings and rituals:

The butter of Corojo It is one of the holy seasonings par excellence, this cannot be missing in the offerings and rituals related to the Orishas Aggayu Solá y Shango, is related in the same way with holy warriors: Elegguá, Oggún and Oshosi.

The snails of the saint, elements considered their own language, are smeared with this paste in order to worship them and provide them with vital energy, a rite that comes to life as this is a simple way of attending to the Yoruba deities.

Element that attracts blessings:

Corojo oil It boasts among its virtues the ability to attract development, fortune, money, success and job stability to the life of the santero, blessings that are not complete without the approval of the Orishas.

Protective of spaces:

The protective power that this butter possesses is put to the test by placing it forming the representation of the cross on the doors and under the window frames in the house, prioritizing the entrances and the holes corresponding to the ventilation of the rooms.abitations by acting as a barrier that prevents evil spells, dark spirits and pernicious energies from entering the home.

Corojo butter against the evil eye:

This substance is so powerful that it is capable of weakening the evil eye and decreasing the strength of the enemy, which is why it is one of the main ingredients in self-defense and spiritual healing works.

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