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The Mysterious History of the Vampire of San Juan de los Remedios in Cuba

Manuel Delgado Jorrin

The myths that surround the Cuban popular heritage are very rich and diverseSo much so that the presence of a family of urban vampires in Cuba is described, specifically in the town of Remedios.

A place that due to the multiple reports of paranormal events on the Antillean island is considered cursed.

Remedios stands as one of the most significant epicenters of paranormal events in Cuba and, as is customary, the transmission of these stories from generation to generation creates a fanciful precedent in those who come to the town in order to drink the intoxicating elixir of mystery.

Manuel Delgado Jorrín: The mysterious doctor who lived surrounded by secrets

This story places as its main architect a young doctor who is presumed to have received academic training in French medical schools.

Reality that attributed to him a particular foreign accent, which, accompaniedañaHis pale appearance, an elegant and slim bearing and an unsociable attitude made him worthy of living haunted by the popular belief of being a direct descendant of Count Dracula's legacy in our land.

Manuel Delgado Jorrín settled in San Juan de los Remedios around 1920, in a colonial house, described by many as gloomy.

Its gloomy and dark appearance left much to be desired to the imagination of the Remedians, who lived impacted by the high stone walls that protected the house.

As if that were not enough, and as was customary in those days, the mansion was adorned by a rosebush of black princes.

It is suspected that the doctor was fond of horticulture, although close sources have reported that Manuel Delgado preferred the nightlife.

Reason that could have been related to the intense hours dedicated to the study of medicine, review that generally takes place accompaniedañaof the tranquility of the night, while others affirm that at this time he carried out esoteric activities.

It is said that he was a highly prepared man because in the office that he had founded in his residence he treated and alleviated various diseases and developed medical procedures, which ranged from assisting a childbirth to diagnosing psychiatric and orthopedic pathologies.

On nights when emergencies were presented, the doctor went out inside his black carriage, well protected from the sight of the curious of the town.

Mysteries that endured through time ...

According to the photographs of the time and various testimonies, it is speculated that Dr. Jorrín's gaze was very penetrating, such is the case that he came to instill respect and even fear for those who visited him in his house located in the old San Simón.

Blueprints of his mansion reveal that in the habitaIn the room where his office had been installed there were numerous doors, which the doctor continually went through to move around his house without repeating his exit on the same day twice for no reason.

Among his possessions, the existence of two large black dogs is speculated, those that even escorted him inside his home, the same place where it is presumed that spiritual sessions and pagan practices were held directed by Manuel Delgado himself.

The enigmatic nature of his figure accompanied him even until his death in 1970, because after his funeral had been celebrated in a very intimate environment, his body was considered lost from the local cemetery after having received a sacred burial and there was never a trace of the corpse.

The truth is that many people assure that their soul still wanders through San Juan de los Remedios, in some it instills terror while others claim to intercede spiritually for his healing, being born through his name a religious-cultural legend in Cuba.

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