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6 Apples for Shango: Offering to make a special request

Apples for Shango

This ritual offering with apples to ask for help and make any request will be dedicated to Shango, the King of Kings of the Yoruba pantheon, Orisha owner of lightning, fire and drum, Osha warrior and vigilante who helps us in the battles of life.

If you have Shango crowned or you have received itAlways remember to ask him before doing rituals on his behalf. If you have not received it and you have faith, you can do this work because Shangó listens to everyone.

  • I recommend you place this offering in a place where others do not see it to avoid questions about what it is or for what, in this case it is better to keep your eyes away from our offer.

How will this ritual help us in our lives?

The apples are offered to Shango in the Regla de Osha or Santeria as a way of asking for their help in making important decisions and in solving legal or justice problems. Apples are also believed to be a symbol of fertility and prosperity, which is why they are offered as a way to ask for blessings on these aspects.

Many venerate and offer Shango, this work or ritual You can put it when you need to entertain him and ask him for any personal favor, whether for stability, health, development, development, love, family, whatever is important to your life.


  • 6 apples
  • 1 dish
  • 6 poplar leaves (from the tree or branch, not the fallen ones)
  • Corojo butter
  • 2 candles
  • Honey
  • 6 cents (one cent coins each)

How is this religious work done step by step?

  1. First wash the apples and dry them with a clean cloth or absorbent paper, then when they are dry, spread your hands with corojo butter and with both hands spread the apples one by one.
  2. Poplar leaves can be picked from the tree or you can also buy them at a botanical or esoteric store. If you pick them from the tree yourself, try to pick them from the front, which are the new shoots.
  3. Take the poplar leaves and grease each one with corojo butter, place the 6 leaves around the plate with the stem part towards the center of the plate.
  4. Then put an apple on top of each sheet, do it in a beautiful and detailed way so that the offering is beautiful.

Short prayer dedicated to Shangó for this ritual:

Light the two candles and you can say this prayer in his name:

Shangó here is your daughter / or (say your name) asking for your blessing. Giving you knowledge of my offering of apples with poplar leaves and corojo butter.
I come to you with great faith.
You, who are fair and a warrior I need, offer me your shelter and protection to overcome the obstacles I go through.
I ask you King of Kings that (say your request).
I trust you.
Maferefún Kabiosile Shango every day!

  1. Pour honey over each of the apples while you beg and thank him for his help.
  2. You will have this offering for a period of 6 days, light the candles every day for a while and on the last day let the candles burn out completely.
  3. On the sixth day you will take this offering to a palm or a mountain, remember to take 6 cents right to give thanks to Ozain, owner of nature and to the Orisha Shangó.

Final recommendations and tips for the ritual:

  • As long as you talk to Shango and place your order you can go pouring honey on the apples so that the path is sweetened and appeased in your favor, this is the power of honey.
  • The best day to start will be a friday, although you can do it when you think best.
  • Dress in clean and white clothes or light colors when making your offering and prayers.
  • If you take the offering to a palm before putting your offering, gives 6 taps on its trunk, ask for his blessing, then put the 6 cents and place the apples at the bottom of it.

May the blessings of Shango shelter you, give you health, love and abundance, let's not forget to thank each day and be patient to receive the results. Ashe.

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