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The powerful Marpacífico plant and its use in Santeria

Pacific sea santeria plant

The Pacific Ocean It is a native plant of the tropical and subtropical regions, the same sprout easily, so it is very common to see this plant in the gardens of the houses in Cuba.

It has multiple virtues which are related to the culinary sector, medicine and esoteric practices.

There are many varieties of this herbaceous species, the color of its flower and the shape of its petals being the main features that differentiate them from the rest.

The Marpacific flower It is one of the most powerful pieces that are used in the performance of religious rituals, although it should be noted that its leaves have a special value in the elaboration of omieros and in the execution of offal.

The power of the Pacific Ocean as a ritual herb.

Peaceful sea against bad energies

The power of this plant called Marpacífico As a ritual herb it is surprising, through it the ancestral energy currents can be channeled, which are specifically linked to the seven african powers.

With seven segments of Marpacifico you can perform a gathering in a house, this ritual can accompanyañaBeware of the use of other strong herbs that enhance the energy of the plant.

To "Defeat the Enemy"

The Osha establishes that, to win the war against an enemy, come out unscathed from the attack of sorceries and cleanse oneself astrally:

  • Take seven segments or branches of Marpacífico
  • brandy is sprinkled and
  • sprinkle cascarilla.

With these in the hands the blessing is requested from the guiding and protective spirits and the guardian angel and they begin to pass from top to bottom, cleaning the entire body.

This special ceremony is worth over many others because in times of trouble can be performed with faith by any religious on himself.

The Marpacific Flower is a spiritual compass.

Marpacific flower
Marpacific flower

Through the Marpacific Flower one reaches the African spirits.

This serves as a guide to the religious in spiritual Masses and when attention is paid to eggun to summon and quickly communicate with the dead.

This flower has a special influence on the conga representations of the astral picture since it is presumed that yesterday these entities relied on this plant to carry out many of their consecrations.

Flower that collects "bad vibes"

This flower is a collector, so it is placed in homes in order to absorb the bad energies of the house and in this way purify the environment.

It is able to bring peace and unify the family after disputes. For their power to increase whenever they are placed it must be done in an odd amount.

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