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The Maracas of the Orishas ≫ Instrument that invokes the Deities

Maracas of the orishas

Maracas They are objects of the Orishas, ​​these are acquired at the same time that the search for the saint's tools is carried out, which is why they receive the consecration of the Osha inside the room where this sacred ceremony is celebrated.

How are maracas made?

They are made using a güira, a sphere that must be emptied and later tanned under the sun's rays.

Once it is completely dry, it is filled with seeds or pebbles and then sealed with a wooden handle.

What deities are called with the maraca?

Not all saints are invoked through maracas, for example Oshun is called by its bell, while Obatala is invoked thanks to the sound of the agogo, it is valid to mention that Oyá the owner of the spark is summoned through Framb's podoyán.

Yemayá, Shangó and Elegguá are deities that are called by means of the maracas, these have particularities in terms of colors and ceremonies attending to the saint they represent.

Maraca of Eleguá

The call of the Orisha Elegguá is made by means of a red and black maraca.

Eleggua, the owner of the roads is invoked through the dejected sound of his maraca, a basic tool within his attributes.

This deity is called waving the standing maraca for being a holy warrior.

The colors of this tool symbolize vitality and death, good and bad, correct and incorrect decisions, in short, each and every one of the vicissitudes that man suffers as he passes through the paths of life.

Maraca from Yemayá

The blue maraca was created for the owner of the Yemayá Ocean

With the shaking of the blue güira the santero invokes the deity of the deep sea, he must make his call from the penance of a mat for being Yemaya a major deity of the Yoruba Pantheon.

Her maraca is personified with the color blue, as this is her representative tonality, which refers to the ocean, a liquid space through which the saint manifests and represents.

Shango Maraca

Red and white colors distinguish the Kawó Silé maraca.

The king of the guayabera and the thunder, Shango, listen to the prayers of their children through the sound of the white and red maraca, this represents the balance between peace and war that the Orisha sustains on a daily basis.

This is considered one of his main tools, this deity is accompaniedaña of the sound of the maraca, the güiro and the drum as an anthem to wage their battles for justice.

The maraca is considered a sacred element of Shango since it represents the patronage that the Orisha exercises over musical instruments and melodies that groups of artists use as a means of subsistence and leisure.

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