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Virgin Mary Help of Christians: A prayer to receive her blessing

Mary Help of Christians prayer

Mary, help of Christians, is a title that was given to Mary, mother of Jesus due to her important mission on the Christian earth.

The one that would begin from the management assigned to him in which he would be in charge of carrying the line of salvation as the fruit of his womb without a trace of original sin without obtaining his own benefit in order to achieve the salvation of humanity.

When is the saint of Mary Help of Christians celebrated?

  • His festival is celebrated every year on May 24.

Date on which this saint is venerated as the patroness of all Christians, making the merit of being the possessor of the faculty of the salvation of the world, comforting in suffering and lending her help in adversity

The Christian invocation of the Virgin who helps

The presence of the Virgin is known as a Christian dedication that was associated with the military defense of the Catholic and Orthodox strongholds, as it is represented in both religious disciplines, as Mary Help of Christians is considered as the spiritual mother of all humans.

The prayer for the intercession of Mary Help of Christians is held today in every Catholic temple where her image is revealed as a help to man and family.

  • This saint is asked not only for protection, but also to get their help when undertaking a new project.

Prayer to be blessed by Mary Help of Christians

Our help is the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth (Pray a Hail Mary). Under your protection we welcome ourselves, Holy Mother of God, do not ignore the pleas that we address to you in our needs, rather, always free us from all danger, glorious and blessed Virgin.

Mary help of the Christians. Pray for us.

Lord, hear our prayer, and reach out to you our cry. Let us pray Eternal Almighty God, who, with the help of the Holy Spirit, prepared the body and soul of Mary, the Virgin Mother, to be a worthy abode of your child, remembering her with joy, deliver us through her intercession from present evils and from eternal death.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Blessing of Almighty God, father, son and holy spirit. Descend upon us and remain forever. Amen.

Prayer to Christ through the intercession of Mary Help of Christians

O omnipotent and eternal God, you have made Mary the figure of the Church our Mother, and you have given her to us as Advocate, Help, Help and Mediatrix, grant us through her intercession always trust in the fulfillment of your promises.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen

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