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Holy Mary of Hope of Ronda Give us your light on the way!

Holy Mary of Hope

The Bride of Ronda It is the nickname with which Our Lady of Hope, patron saint of Ronda, Malaga, is known.

Through this Virgin a dedication to the Virgin Mary, mother and lady of the Catholic Church and the first woman to be popularly crowned heavenly mother.

Do you know about the Order of the Virgin of Hope?

In 1948 an order was founded to enhance his name and bring his religious and human doctrines to the people with love, as these are considered the basis for achieving a more harmonious, happy and peaceful family life with the ten commandments reflected in the Bible, scripture. sacred to the Catholic faith.

Let's celebrate on Holy Wednesday the girlfriend of Ronda

Holy Wednesday is a special date for the people of Ronda, because it is precisely on this occasion that they venerate the Virgin of Hope with greater fervor, giving her dissimilar acts of faith and loyalty, making clear the gratitude they deserve and the happiness of having her. as patron saint of Ronda.

The women in their procession are covered with mantillas in honor of the saint, as this garment is one of the symbols that represents her.

Not losing hope is an act of faith

Maintaining hope in times of adversity is one of the paths that Ronda's girlfriend leads us by the hand, so that we humbly learn to be happy and to be grateful for what God sends us.

Well, there will always be someone who possesses less than we do and it is the duty of a good Christian to share with others.

For all the aforementioned I would like to emphasize that:

Hope is the greatest virtue one possesses, a priceless treasure that must not be lost despite misfortune.

Well, even though there is darkness in the world, a ray of light will always come out to lead us on the indicated path.

How is Mary Most Holy of Hope represented?

María Santísima de la Esperanza is represented through a sweet but melancholic expression, three tears coming from her eyes that represent:

  • Faith,
  • hope and
  • the charity.

Her figure is that of a woman with a light complexion and brown hair, who keeps her head slightly tilted to the left, as if it were resting on Jesus' chest in search of comfort.

Meet some beautiful and powerful prayers to the Saints:

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