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El Maribo, Yoruba curtain that is placed at the entrance of the ilé to stop Osogbos

Maribo santeria

At the beginning of time Olodumare He allowed the divinities to reign on earth freely, respecting the precepts that had been established by him at the time of the creation of the universe.

Eleggua He warned them that in order to keep their paths free of osogbos they should carry out an animal sacrifice and not modify the laws that Olodumare had previously established.

Pataki: How did the Maribo help Orula escape from the arms of death?

Mariwo is the sacred dry palm leaf in the Yoruba religion
El Mariwo is made from the stalk of dry palm and it is sacred in the Yoruba religion

The vast majority of the Orishas rejected Elegguá's advice, being Orunmila the great diviner of Ifá the only saint who complied with both suggestions.

Upon their arrival on earth, the deities demanded that anyone who painted gray hair should leave their earthly existence and return to heaven with Olodumare.

Over the years the hair of orula They turned gray, a fact that led to gossip among the Orishas, ​​who demanded that the Oracle of Ifá return to the kingdom of heaven.

The sacred Maribo and the teaching of Orunmila

Before leaving, Orula consulted and performed an ebbo, which consisted of hanging a Maribo on the door of her house, which was a curtain made of palm leaves on which she had previously made an animal sacrifice and añatell him powdered yam and cascarilla.

After performing the ebbĂł, the great diviner summoned all the deities to celebrate a farewell banquet in his honor, in which he offered great delicacies and drinks, satisfying the expectations of all those present in a surprisingly inexplicable way.

To access Orunmila's house, all the Orishas had to remove their hats as tradition dictated and go under the Maribo, a fact that did not attract the attention of any of them. 

Once they left in search of their hats to retire, they noticed that their hair was as white as Orula's.

Surprised, everyone looked stunned and it was then that Orunmila announced that a massive death would take place at that moment because all those who had white hair had to accompany them.añato see him on his way to the heavenly kingdom.

The new covenant on earthly existence

Scared and confused, they established new rules in fractions of seconds, unanimously instituting the consensus that not all people with gray hair should die, only those who were sick and very old should leave with Olodumare.

From that day on, earthly existence expanded, respecting life, making it longer and more enjoyable. Being able then to enjoy the arrival of new generations and share more time with the family.

Then the Maribo never left the door of Orula, there he remained for many more years, ridding the great fortune teller of osogbos and tragedies.

For this reason and in gratitude for having helped him escape from the arms of death, a Maribo is placed at the entrance of religious houses to favor the santero and his family with many ireses and keep Ikú (death) and his friends away. children of the ilé gate (house).

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