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The sad story of Mari Lope, the aboriginal flower that heals our ills


Lope was a Spaniard who settled in Cuba around the year 1520, currently it is speculated that his arrival in the national territory was moved by financial interests.

During his time in the largest of the Antilles, he married an Indian woman and from this union a girl was born whom he named Mari Lope.

This is the legend of Mari Lope, who gave us a beautiful flower

Marilope flower

Mari Lope had inherited a lot from her father, especially the strong and cheerful character that made her stand out from the other little ones in the area.

This was considered a lover of flowers and nature in general.

The little girl grew up cultivating flowers, guided by an education according to Christian principles without forgetting her indigenous roots, always carrying with her a banner in defense of the supernatural.

Among his aspirations was to know the sky and through this opportunity to the flowers, he lived happily without thinking about anything other than the flowers and his parents.

Her beauty had already awakened love in several young people, but she was always indifferent to his conquests, observing herself lost in her thoughts.

From desire, tragedy and death a flower was born

One day the ship of the pirate Jean “El Temerario” arrived at the coast, a man with bad feelings and bad intentions, the kind that must be separated from, because in any case he gets hurt being by his side.

The pirates disembarked minutes after their arrival, spotting Mari Lope from the coast, when Jean saw her, he was dazzled by her beauty and decided to make her his lover.

But the young woman refused to give in to his charms, for she wanted to consecrate herself to God.

The pirate, dissatisfied with the maiden's response, offered her his entire fortune, promising to make her happy and rich, to which she barely paid attention.

No matter how much the man offered her, she ended up denying him.

This nonconformist pounced on her, the frightened young woman ran towards her hut, and a group of pirates who saw the spectacle from afar, blocked the way to the maiden who fell to the ground victim of a bullet.

Little was known about Jean and his men since then, as they fled in fear of their crime.

And some beautiful yellow flowers sprouted ...

The people loved Mari Lope and had sworn to avenge her death, some time later, in the place where Mari fell, some wild flowers of an intense yellow color sprouted, which were baptized with her name: Marilope.

  • Currently this plant is ingested in decoctions to heal many ailments, mainly those related to the gastrointestinal tract.

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