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Story where Orula helps to find Love with the oracle

Orula marriage

The pataki relates that there was once in a kingdom a group of six young women who could not find a boyfriend.

Despite being polite and pretty, no matter how much they attended parties with friends, none of them aroused the interest of even a single boy who was present there.

Among this group of girls was the daughter of Constitution, who was a girl of noble character and great intelligence.

Pataki Why does Orula marry the Beautiful Daughter of Olofi?

The young women worried about their age and not having a partner with whom to start a family went to look at each other at the foot of orula so that the great Oracle of Ifá could offer them a solution to their problem.

Once there Orula consulted them, marking them all, the realization of an ebbó which was fully executed, so that at the end of the day they all left happily for their homes.

Over time Olofin decided to offer a dance in his palace to which he invited all the habitabefore his kingdom.

The 5 maidens find a mate, except for Olofi's Daughter

This would be the perfect occasion for the ladies to find husbands.

The decoration of the palace was perfect, there was music, food, drink and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The dance went by with great success and in the blink of an eye the maidens were surrounded by suitors, these by the end of the night had already found a partner.

All except Olofin's daughter, who was alone and sad in a corner without hardly enjoying the party.

A few months later the five girls who attended the dance sponsored by Olofin were celebrating their weddings and were very happy and grateful to Orula for all the help he had given them.

Even some of them would soon be mothers, while the sixth lady waited patiently for the love of her life, without even the slightest sign of love occurring at her destination.

Olofi goes to the foot of Orula and finds a husband for her beautiful daughter

Olofin seeing that his daughter was not wanted by any gentleman felt very sad so he went to Orumila's house to see how Ifá could help him solve his daughter's problem.

Then Orumila threw his ékuele on the mat and explained to Olofin that his daughter would soon marry.

He could not understand how this would happen if he did not have a single suitor, to which Orula replied:

I will marry your daughter making her my wife.

And thus the sixth maiden married.

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