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In Ika Ejiogbe a marriage breaks down because of a son. Advice!

Marriage Ika Ejiogbe

In Ika Ejiogbe the life of a married couple who was blessed by Constitution with a prolific offspring.

Pataki where the son sowed discord in the home

Among her children, one stood out to whom the husbands devoted greater care for having been very sick from a young age.

Due to the condition of their son, the parents decided to visit Orunmila to grant a gift of health to their descendant.

orula He kindly agreed to search the boy and when he went to the board he realized that the problem that afflicted this family was serious.

Well, despite all the dedication that parents put in caring for their child, when he grew up he would be rebellious and sooner or later he would leave home to give his parents many problems.

In the end, he even jeopardized the marital integrity of his parents.

Orula's word is always fulfilled because it is sacred

As time went by, the boy began to do evil and sow discord in the home.

Parents concerned about such a situation returned to visit the house of the fortune teller so that he could help them find a solution.

The Oracle repeated to the parents the same Itá that in the past he had given their son.

The parents left in disgust, leaving him with no choice but to accept the fate that awaited them.

The same path that had been sown by the privileges and overprotection that in the past had been in charge of procuring in his descendant.

Ifá tips for the odun Ika Ejiogbe

In this odun the ingratitude of one of the children towards their parents is born, where this will be in charge of giving upsets and worries to those who gave them the virtue of life.

Being the lack of consideration, she pays for all the care and attention put into her upbringing.

Ifá warns through this sign the destruction of the family, because sooner or later on behalf of the son the marriage is broken.

In Ika Ejiogbe, spoilers should not be allowed to the descendants, as these acts of complacency and overprotection will bring harm to the whole family.

This letter warns in turn, on jealousy between siblings, so parents are advised to provide all their descendants with the same devotion of love and material things depending on their possibilities, to avoid in this way establishing differences between their children.

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