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Loveless marriage dissolves sooner or later: Pataki Otrupon Meyi

Otrupon Meyi Marriage

The most beautiful bird in the world lived on the Yoruba land.

This was continuously under the watch of the people of the town who were in charge of monitoring each of its movements.

Decisions must be consulted before with Ifá

On one occasion the bird of singular beauty fell in love with a Tiñosa and wanted to marry her.

But before making such an important decision, he went to the foot of orula so that the oracle would register it and thus know if it would not err in its wish.

The great fortune-teller of Ifá warned the bird that before it could achieve what it set out to do, many animals would get in its way, with the sole objective of seeing it unhappy.

The fox who was the first to wish evil on the most beautiful of birds, devised a plan with which she could blackmail her and thus prevent her marriage.

This one went to a crossroads that the bird frequently visited and deposited its favorite fruits there.

As the bird passed by, it looked at the fruits with desire and, unable to resist the urge to eat them, it pounced on them.

The fox from her hiding place could see how the bird was satiated and just when it least imagined it, she captured it on the spot.

By taking the alien without permission to be considered an embarrassment, the bird was very sorry to be able to do anything to pay for its guilt, as long as it remained anonymous.

Then the fox proposed to the bird that he would keep what happened in silence only if he married her.

Orula's councils together with the powerful ebbó saved the bird

The sad bird had no choice but to accept and that same day he broke his relationship with the tinea.

After several days of affliction, he returned to visit Orunmila, but this time a desperate situation brought him to his door.

Orula told the bird not to worry about what had happened to him, because by doing ebbó he would get rid of the commitment.

This took the fortune teller a rooster, which was sacrificed at the entrance of the mountain, then Orula explained to the bird that he should hide because his enemy would fall alone in the trap.

The fox who had gone out to hunt and returned without luck spotted the rooster, then, knowing that no one was watching her, took it.

The bird who had waited for hours accused his fiancée of theft and thanks to Ifá he managed to escape from a loveless marriage.

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