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Do you know how marriage arose in the Yoruba Religion?

Yoruba marriage

At the beginning of time the world was not as we know it today, men lived on the battlefield while women lived within the walls of the kingdom.

Thus they lived together in peace, they only met when they needed to share a bed and after doing the work they returned to their respective places without having any affective bond.

Pataki: The war between women and men

One day men decided to start a war against women in order to position themselves over their dominions and obtain their wealth.

They went to the foot of Orunmila to ask him for some religious advice that would assure them to be victorious in the fight they were going to undertake.

The Oracle of Ifá responded to the request the execution of an ebbó which consisted of making a polishing bath with honey.

The warriors when observing the scarcity of the ingredients of the ritual were suspicious and decided not to carry it out, believing that a ceremony with so little would be ineffective when it came to exerting any supernatural influence regarding their victory.

Others exclaimed that they would not need to exert themselves to win the war against women because they were defenseless and weak.

The women SI did the ebbó that Orula scored and were victorious

By chance of fate, the women found out about the trap that the men were preparing for them and they went to talk to Orunmila to help them defeat their enemy.

Orumila then recommended the realization of the same ebbó as the men, although unlike these the women did carry it out not underestimating their power.

When the men reached the walls of the kingdom the night sky began to shake and a heavy rain flooded the battlefield.

The weapons got wet and the gunpowder lost its effect, making them useless.

Olofi decrees the marriage union

It was winter and very cold, the men wet from the rain were shivering.

They began to cry out to the women for help as the freezing temperature threatened their existence.

Then the women opened the gates of the wall and embraced them, thus helping them from hypothermia and death.

The women took them home and there they spent the night together. The next day Constitution He decreed that each man who had spent the night under a woman's roof should marry her and make her his wife, thus giving rise to the marriage union in the Yoruba religion.

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