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Not even the Chinese Doctor heals that one! The legend and secrets of this phrase

Chinese Doctor

Traditional Chinese medicine in Cuba It saw its origins in the colonial period, when Chinese emigrants who knew this exact science began to practice their practices in the country's neighborhoods, mainly in Central Havana and Old Havana.

Chan Bombiá was a doctor who entered the largest of the Antilles from the cradle of Western medicine, this to whom the phrase referred: Not even the Chinese doctor heals that one, was one of the most famous doctors of the XNUMXth century.

The death of doctor Bombiá is a mystery

The death of Dr. Bombiá is another of the mysteries that has emerged as a legend in Cuba.

It is presumed that this doctor who was poisoned in his own home, assists the spiritually sick, interceding for their healing, going in his ethereal form to the beds where they are resting.  

How to invoke the Chinese doctor?

An assistance mediated by a glass of water is all that is needed, so that the Chinese doctor intercedes in the healing of the sick.

It is believed that the doctor uses water as a source of materialization of his gifts, a liquid that is sometimes used in the ingestion and other times to perform polishing baths.

While some prefer to keep the prayer intact, until the patient is completely healthy again.

Who was Chan Bombiá the Chinese doctor?

Chan Bombiá was established in the cities of Havana and Cárdenas respectively, being in the province of Matanzas where it gave its fall years later.

This doctor became much loved and respected, not only for his indisputable knowledge but also for the kindness and modesty of his character.

It is said of him that he was never upset and that he cared for the rich and the poor alike as long as they requested his services.

Bombiá was a reserved man, totally denied gossip.

Perhaps his discreet attitude and his incomparable intelligence were the reason why many of his colleagues wanted him dead, considering him a great competition.

Fact that months after its definitive establishment in Cárdenas, it happened.

Bombiá, the Yellow Sun

Among his main talents were his in-depth studies in the branches of botany and pharmacology based on natural substrates.

Chan Bombiá was originally baptized as Chang Pon Piang whose meaning was translated through the words yellow sun.

And this man had a lot of sunshine, as he enlightened with health the sick who did not have the financial resources necessary to request medical attention at that time.

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