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What is Mediumship? The Gift of Spiritual Communication

Mediumship what is it

Spiritualism, as a belief, focuses on communication with the soul of the deceased, of those who have already left the earthly plane.

The immortality of the soul, devotion to spirits and their relationships with men, is the basis of this ancient spiritual movement.

  • Spiritual communicability (mediumship) From which the human being can communicate with spirits through some medium is essential, therefore, for the development of this belief.

These days there are many people in whom the mediumistic factor emerges, seen as a psychic sensitivity to communicate with the soul of those who have already died, but who still want to transmit messages or have unfinished matters on the earthly plane.

Establishing communication with the soul of the deceased is the objective of the different variants of spiritualist beliefs.

It is a way of continuing to communicate with those who have already left the earthly plane, in addition to proclaiming reincarnation and the different lives that a soul can have.

Spiritualist practitioners also claim to know the future of humanity, according to the teaching of superior spirits that is communicated to them through mediums.

Mediumship and Spiritism of Allan Kardec

Mediumship is the faculty that enables those who exercise it, the so-called mediums, to come into contact with the spiritual world.

It is based on Allan Kardec's variant of spiritism and can be categorized in different ways:

  • physical effect mediumship
  • sensitive and impressionable
  • hearing
  • speakers
  • seers
  • sleepwalkers
  • healers
  • pneumatologists
  • psychographers.

What toptitudes must have the Medium to establish this connection?

Through mediumship, the sensitive person channels the other plane of existence, that other dimension that is the original and natural world of the human spirit.

The medium must be the person who serves as a channeling bridge or intermediary between the material and spiritual worlds, and can communicate to others the messages of the souls from the beyond.

The message or request of the soul in question that wishes to communicate with the earthly plane, must be transmitted as faithfully and understandably as possible, because only then those close to that soul will be able to understand the wishes of the deceased.

In other words, the Medium in this task must:

  • Devote yourself to the task only if you are truly a sensitive person who can understand and transmit, in a responsible manner, the messages of the deceased, without desire for prominence or popularity.
  • Understand that he is not the protagonist of mediumship, but that he accompaniesaña of their guides and protectors of the spiritual world to carry out certain missions.

According to many mediums, mediumship is an ethical process, in which the person who carries it out understands that, although it must serve as an intermediary between the two planes, but that it must also act for the benefit of the soul and those close to it. they are still on the earthly plane, with great tact and responsibility.

In the hierarchy of Cordón or Orilé Spiritism:

For example, in this spiritist current the central element is the medium or that person who communicates directly with the spirits and directs the houses and temples.

They are also the ones who organize the cordon activities and they are usually elderly people, who enjoy great prestige, but who, above all, carry out their role with an immense responsibility towards life and death and do not attribute any merit to themselves, but rather who carry out their work altruistically.

The mediums must be advisers not only of one person, but of many who practice spiritism and who will trust their word, not being able to communicate themselves with the spirits.

Therefore, practicing mediumship is usually occupied by people with a very clean soul, who only want to do good.

The mediums should also be leaders for an audience of numerous people who need their guidance and advice to carry out the mission that the spirits designate.

Similarly, people seek spiritual help for various areas of life such as love, health and prosperity, hence the great responsibility that comes with it.aña transparency and responsibility in mediumship.

How to know if we can practice Mediumship?

Being a medium is having the ability to communicate with the spiritual world and we must know that, although people who practice mediumship prepare and practice constantly, they are also those who are born with special qualities and faculties that allow them to communicate with spirits.

It is said that someone who was not born with the natural gift to be a medium, can become one with the right tools.

But these are rare cases that need a lot more concentration work and usually have less chance of achieving ultimate success and establishing spiritual communication.

To know if we can practice mediumshipWe must know that there are physical symptoms and common sensations that appear for no apparent reason in our lives and indicate the presence of the gift.

Physical sensations perceived by some Medium:

Some mediums describe the main physical sensations they felt and made them realize that they possessed the sensitivity to communicate with spirits. For example:

  • Chills or strange cold, like a pocket of cold air that envelops them at any time
  • A lumpy feeling in the throat for no reason
  • Sweaty hands and fear
  • Tearful eyes
  • Heaviness in different parts of the body
  • Fast heartbeat

It is the human body that gives the first signs of the presence of a gift for spiritual communication.

Common psychic sensations for those who possess the Gift:

But, of course, we must feel other psychic sensations to know that, exactly, we can serve as a bridge between the earthly and spiritual planes. For example:

  • Hear voices or whispers
  • See shadows, pass in the places we go
  • Having premonitory dreams of events that will happen
  • See deceased family members
  • Spontaneous astral travel in which we see our own body asleep
  • Feel the thoughts or emotions of someone around us
  • Feel presences by our side

Only if we feel many of these symptoms will we know that we are destined to be mediums and to carry the responsibility of transmitting the messages from one plane to another.

Of course, we should look for a mentor or a person who has already practiced mediumship, to guide us on the path of developing those skills.

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