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Oyin Ika Odo: the Melao of Caña in Santería ≫ Addimú to Yemayá

melao of caña

The Melao of Caña It is one of the main ingredients that is available on the table in the saint's room, this black nectar is considered one of the great protagonists in the rituals of the Yoruba religion.

What is the Melao de c for?aña in santeria?

This concoction came into the hands of the religious through one of the emissary spirits of Oduduwa, who taught man the secret of its elaboration.

Since then, melao has been a sacred element in religious houses, as it is a liquid capable of breaking sorcery and curses.

Melao for the owners of the sea, Olokun and Yemayá

The Oñigan, a name by which it is also known, is one of the favorite drinks of Olokun y Yemaya which is paid to these deities in a gourd as an addimú (offering).

These saints make use of the melao in consecration ceremonies and during sacrifices, the black nectar is the vehicle that the owner of the Ocean uses to make her enemies slip and in this way they lie rendered before her feet.

The melao is used for cleaning and collecting within homes, it is used to care for the dead.

Another of its uses is related to the iré because a gourd with honey on the jar of Olokun, is considered the master key capable of opening all the doors for the believer even those that he considered permanently closed.

Why do the santeros offer Melón with melao to Yemayá?

When a religious is in trouble and needs to break the obstacles that prevent him from advancing in life, he offers Yemayá a melon addimú with Melao.

With this tribute the devotee seeks to obtain the blessing of the saint in order to put an end to the sorceries and bad thoughts that torment him.

Addimú to Yemayá:

Seven slices of freshly cut melon are placed on a white plate. These slices are dressed in the presence of the Orisha with honey. The offering is placed on a mat at the foot of Yemayá.

The santero on his knees lights two blue candles to the saint and invokes her through the sound of his maraca, once this is done he begins to pray to her in order to obtain the cessation of misfortune and the arrival of blessings in his life.

The tribute is left at the foot of the deity for seven days, after the week has elapsed as a show of respect for the number that represents the Orisha, the offering is taken to the sea where it is deposited, a step that symbolizes the end of the ritual.

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