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Advice from Ogbe Otura ► Lying can lead to the Grave

Lie in Ogbe Otura

In Ogbe Otura there was a man who traded through a religious articles shop.

He had a lot of income because his business gave him good profits, but he had agreed with his son not to tell his mother about his development, so the woman lived engañaYes.

Pataki where misfortune comes through Bad Example

On a certain occasion, the father became ill and the son was forced to take over the family business, hiding his earnings from the father, a reality that made him experience the deceptions his mother had been a victim of firsthand.

When the father recovered and took inventory in the store, he realized that his son had cheated him, a fact that made him feel deep anguish.

He asked his son about the missing items to which he denied having knowledge of the matter.

Then, with great regret, the father placed a trap in the place that consisted of automatically shooting an arrow to the one who took the money, in this way the merchant was left without a son and without a home.

Advice of Ifá through the odun Ogbe Otura.

In Ogbe Otura misfortune is born from bad examples, through this odun the father reaps what he sows in his children.

orula warns of the danger that exists in lies, because what begins as an innocent game with the passage of time becomes a deadly abyss.

In this sign Ifá warns the religious that committing illicit acts can cost him his life, an action with which he will destroy his family by disintegrating it.

By Ogbe Otura the Orishas recommend telling the truth to succeed in lifeThese guide the search for a decent job and warn about the need for family reunification.

Ogbe Otura is a lyric that talks about loss and loneliness, where the individual fails in life because of his own head and for following bad examples, a fact that takes its toll over time.

This odun warns about the possibility of being robbed at the hands of someone you love and trust. Therefore, great responsibilities should not be delegated without prior supervision, since the person in whom the trust is placed ends up betraying the hand that fed him.

At Ogbe Otura you shouldn't be trusting because that's where you start to make irreversible mistakes.

This letter speaks of the existence of family problems, which must be solved as soon as possible.

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