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Otrupon Meyi: Lies are not told because they can be turned into truth

Lies Otrupon Meyi

In Otrupon Meyi, odun de Ifá foundation It is strictly forbidden to tell lies because these in the end end up becoming true.

It is a sign of traps where envy is the worst adviser.

Pataki where Ifá warned of the danger and the traps that stalked the fortune teller

Otrupon Meyi was a very wise religious who was dedicated to the art of divination.

This one went through the towns making the proclamation of his virtues and being so successful in the prediction of the future he was acquiring fame and all over the region his name was heard mentioning.

On one occasion he came to the land of the monkeys where he began to exercise his knowledge.

The king who knew his reputation sent for him to perform the miracle of predicting his future.

But this was just a pretext that the monarch was looking for to coincide with him because his true intention was to kill him.

The monkey king saw in this a great competition for the crown, a thought that was beyond the pretensions of the fortune teller.

By chance of fate the soothsayer could not attend the meeting, the king not being satisfied with this sent him with an emissary an invitation to his wake, a scenario where taking advantage of the lie would give him a certain death.

When the fortune teller arrived at the wake he found a place full of people just as Ifá had warned him, this previously an ebbó had been carried out because through the oracle he had been warned of a serious danger that was pursuing him.

Doing ebbó always manages to defeat the enemy

In the place where the funeral was held, they had arranged many flowers.

Otrupon Meyi stealthy approached the coffin to deposit some flowers to the king, when the pollen of them penetrated the crystal that separated the deceased from outer space, making him sneeze and immediately discovering his lie.    

Almost at the speed of light Otrupon Meyi left the place, because he sensed that the danger that Ifá had warned him was pouncing on him with great haste.

As everything was ready, one of the monkeys quickly closed the front door, handing another of his henchmen the key that had started the lock.

But it was too late as the fortune teller had successfully escaped from the place, leaving behind great chaos.

The monkey holding the key ran out to give it to the king and on the way tripped over the chandeliers, fell to the ground losing the key, causing a fire in its wake.

The fictitious wake thus became the grave of many men and animals who did not manage to escape.

The monkey king's trap claimed many innocent lives, going down in history with the flavor of a massacre.    

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