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In Ogbe Otura the Liar was crowned King fulfilling the Ebbó

Liar in Ogbe Otura

The king had a little applied and disobedient son, who was dedicated to flooding his reputation with lies. Fact that created bad precedents for him.

Pataki where, thanks to Orula, the miseries that stalked the road were removed

On one occasion orunmila he saw him dejected and invited him to his house to consult him.

The prince agreed to be cared for by the oracle who advised him to do ebbó as it augured a future full of deficiencies and threatening misery.

The son of the king ignored the warnings of the great fortune teller of Ifá because in the bottom of his heart He felt that it was impossible for a descendant of a king to be ruined after living surrounded by so much wealth.

What would be his surprise when he arrived at the palace and was received by a strong scolding from his father in claim to his bad attitude.

After feeling offended, he left his home and went into the mountains with the idea of ​​being rescued after the tantrum.

Fact that did not happen like that, because his father left him there suffering deficiencies so that he could learn to value what life offered him freely.

After spending several days in exile in the mountains, he came across Orula again.

Following the word of Ifá and doing ebbó destiny is straightened

When he saw the oracle before him, he asked forgiveness on his knees for his fault, imploring him to perform the ebbó there, a request that the soothsayer agreed to perform the ceremony for him.

His need was so great that he was left naked because the clothes he was wearing were used in the ritual.

Nearby there was a military fortress where the king's army rested.

Command that welcomed him even naming him chief, because the prince, despite his bad head, had received a differentiated education compared to the rest of the habitabefore the town.

Once established among the soldiers he decided to take his father's castle in revenge for what he had made him suffer on the mountain, sending him a message with one of the men in shining armor where he demanded his surrender.

The king did not take his son's errand seriously as he considered him a pathological liar.

The father sent one of his men to corroborate the information and when he realized that everything was true, he decided to give the crown to his heir only if he led the kingdom to a better future.

Being surprised by all the achievements that his descendant had obtained in such a short time.

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