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A Prayer to my Virgin of Charity of El Cobre, the Patron Saint of Cuba

My Virgin of Charity

Virgin of Charity of El Cobre, Patron Saint of CubaSince your appearance in the Bay of Nipe, the religious people knew that they would never feel alone again, because with your brilliant mantle you covered the island of Cuba in order to provide it with protection.

You who from your sanctuary in El Cobre shelter the pilgrims who from all over the country come to meet you to pay promises and pay you devotion, it is common to see the grateful ones bring you sunflowers and candles and give you a message through each smile, tear or sigh of gratitude.

Today I light a candle for you for my family, friends and for all those in need, so that with your light you may be a beacon of guidance in our hearts.

Virgin of Charity, have mercy on all your children, help us not to lose humanity and mercy, so that with these values ​​we may be able to create a better future for our children and the community in general.

Give us patience and strength to face the trials that come our way daily.

Purify our spirit and sustain us in the face of hesitation, be our cane, our beacon and our comfort in afflictions.

Virgen del Cobre watches over our present future, do not forsake us, because as your children we implore you for protection.

Patron Saint of Cuba, bless all your children, so that they do not lack health, so that happiness floods their hearts and homes, so that every day when they wake up they are aware that life is a gift, that every minute brings new opportunities. and with this better intentions.

Always give us the kindness to understand those around us, the greatness to forgive those who have hurt us and the strength to continue fighting for our purposes.

I ask you little virgin to guide me in my decisions so as not to make irreversible mistakes and to make me humble and fair.

Only in you mother will broken hearts find all the love they lack, I ask you for health for the sick, strength for those who have lost loved ones, joy for children and happiness for homes.

Today Virgin of Charity on your day bless this people who adore you, shelter us under your mantle and rest assured that we will pay you with faith for all the sacrifices and miracles you do for us.

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