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Why does the Honey belong to Oshún according to the Yoruba Patakies?

Oshún Honey

Oshún, the Orisha queen of the Yoruba religionGoddess of rivers, love, feelings and sweetness, she is also the owner of honey, with her she seduces and enchants even the greatest enemy she may have, as she falls in love with her sensual and powerful magic.

In the Yoruba Pantheon, one of Oshún's most powerful tools is honey, and this is manifested by many of the stories or pataki of the religion.

The patakies or Yoruba legends are truly beautiful and each one of them transmits a teaching and a moral advice.

Some are related with characters that are usually animals, who act and speak like humans (fables), while others usually involve animated objects, divinities and other elements of Yoruba mythology.

In one of these ancient stories, it is even said that Oshún met the Orisha Shango on a drum and seduced him with honey, and he was also the one who brought Oggún out of the bush with his seductive dances and the power of his nectar.

With the same ashé and energy of his honeys, Babalú Ayé was resurrected by Oloddumare, through the tasty honey that Oshún gave him.

The Pataki of the 16 bees and Queen Oshún

It is narrated in a pataki that Oloddumare sent 16 hardworking bees to earth, each one of them had to reach earthly space with their own ability and gift to help humans.

Among those bees was one called Oshún and before lowering all the bees to earth, the God Oloddumare gathered them all together and gave the order that Oshún should be respected because her gift was very essential for humans and their growth.

The order of the Supreme God bothered everyone a lot, so they began to feel envy, and along with this feeling they mistreated Oshún and excluded her from the tasks.

Oshún felt very bad because they always pushed her away, but instead of cursing or getting upset, she just stopped blessing and sharing her Ashe.

And when Oshún stopped giving his Ashé (vital energy) the lands began to be infertile and nothing was prosperous or useful.

Olodumare's word is sacred, his advice is law

Due to the situation, the other bees decided to go to the foot of the fortune teller Orunmila and consult, to which the great Oracle of Ifá advised all of them:

Envy is a bad advisor, and they have been carried away by it, that is why the lands are no longer productive.

They pushed Oshún out of their way, which Oloddumare advised them not to do and did not comply.

Now they must offer Oshún sacrifices collecting their honey and serving it as bees do with their Queen in the combs.

The bees understood and obeyed Orula's word, and they did.

After what happened, Oloddumare gave the beautiful Oshún a golden crown for behaving with dignity and humility in the face of the evils of others.

That is why it is said that each honeycomb has only one queen and that is our Oshún, the one who with her honey is in charge of making us all happy, opening paths and sweetening the obstacles of life.

Sage advice: When you see that your smile fades and in your heart you feel a great emptiness, try on your lips a little honey at the foot of Oshún or invoke it, and you will see that this simple ritual will change your day. 

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