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With Two Candles, Sunflowers and Honey we ask Oshún Iré and Suerte

Honey for Oshún

Oshún is the Orisha of the fertile and crystalline waters, rivers, waterfalls, springs, it represents femininity, gold and opulence. She owns honey, pumpkin, sunflowers and everything that shines like the sun.

Deity of love and abundance, sweet mother, this work dedicated to Oshún is very simple but effective, it has very few ingredients but great amounts of faith and a lot of love are needed.

This ritual is for iré (good things), luck, health, new opportunities, prosperity, fortune and everything beautiful and wonderful that we can possess in this world. Removing envy, evil, enemies and what may hinder our ways.

Oshún, we offer you Sunflowers

Sunflowers for the goddess Oshún

Sunflowers are Oshún's favoritesThese provide vitality, positive energies, and symbolize the sun, so this flower is always looking for it.

The sunflower possesses many spiritual qualities and is associated with many powerful and ancient symbolisms. It is associated with everything divine, related to change, evolution and progress.

Honey for the sweet Goddess Oshún

Among other of its very powerful elements is honey, which is made by bees sucking flowers but without destroying them, a magical process that holds great secrets in nature.

In many traditions and cultures it is symbolic for being a constant animal, and it symbolizes the spirit of work and perseverance.

Therefore honey is linked to everything mysterious and religious, everything that is reborn, attracts new things and removes positive vibes, increases wealth, luck and prosperity.

Ingredients for the work:

  • 2 yellow or white candles
  • 5 sunflowers
  • Honey bee
  • White plate

The ritual that we will prepare in the name of Oshún ...

  1. You smear honey on the candles, always from the outside in, from the top to the bottom, in that way the Iré enters.
  2. Then in front of Oshún you put 5 sunflowers without stem on a plate.
  3. You ask him for your blessing and you give him the knowledge that you will put those sunflowers on him so that your world turns like them, so that the paths to abundance and prosperity are opened for you.
  4. On days when the sunflowers are wilted, set them aside on a plate until they are completely dry.

Why should the flowers be removed?

  • Because Oshún does not like withered flowers. Her favorites are beautiful, energetic flowers.

Preparing the dust ... for home protection

You will let those sunflowers dry and when they are very dry, you will make them powders.

You will use that powerful powder to throw it in front of your main door of the house, a door that surely faces the street and on top you add honey.

The door of the house is that border between the outside and the inside of our home, where positive energy enters and also negative energy, this dust will provide us with protection so that the bad moves away and the good stays with us.

Always speak with Oshún with love and much sweetness, asking for his blessing, health and offering gratitude. Blessings.

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