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Ifá priest Miguel Febles: neither time nor death were able to erase his tracks

Miguel Febles

Miguel Febles was one of the most famous Babalawos that has seen the birth of the largest of the Antilles.

At the young age of eight he was enshrined in the Osha, crowning Shangó the Orisha of war and the owner of the Batá drums.

A year later he began in the sacred Rule of Ifá from the hands of his godfather Bernabé Menocal and his ojugbona Tata Gaitán, since then he began to forge his knowledge and his character, a reality that was also influenced by his father Ramón Febles and his mother América Census.

People who knew him affirm that Miguel was a man of great intelligence and a great gift for interpretation, two virtues that should never be lacking in an Ifá priest.

Among his main characteristics is cited the ability to memorize the odunes of Ifa and the dedication with which he shared his knowledge with the world.

Febles claimed that:

A good Oluo had to become the owner of the secret of the powders and herbs, being able to identify each plant and stick of Ozain by himself, a fact that would give him prestige and independence inside and outside the saint's room.

Miguel Febles Padrón was rewarded with the gratitude of the people he saved

One of his most emblematic works within the religion was his peculiar way of making and teaching the realization of the ebbó to his disciples, in a more practical way, without omitting ceremonies or failing in religion.

His skills were no tall tale, a popular phrase with which we Cubans refer to lies, but rather accurate truths and demonstrated through the gratitude of the people he saved.

Miguel Febles always knew that success was in doing and not in promising

Well, the important thing for this Babalawo was not money but to be able to save and help everyone who knocked on his door.

This stated that:

The greatest gratitude was received from the guardian angel of the respondent, who was heartily grateful that his son was saved.

This great man always knew that success was in doing and not in promising.

Great men become irreplaceable

On December 19, 1986, Miguel Febles Padrón left the plane of the earth, a religious who knew how to love, respect and raise the Yoruba pantheon.

His departure determined a before and after for the Cuban religious people, since great men become irreplaceable and neither time nor death are capable of erasing their tracks.

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