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Ejiogbe Miracles on Earth: His Advice Can NOT Be Ignored

Miracles of Ejiogbe

En the Rule of Osha-Ifá or Santeria Ejiogbe is one of the 16 Oddunes of Ifá, in its meaning and stories great mysteries and advice for Men on Earth are hidden.

Ejiogbe is the sign that governs in 2022 according to the letter of the year, the warnings that come through this oddun are opportune to follow to ward off the osogbos that they already tell us can come into our lives.

Many were the miracles worked since childhood by Ejiogbe, as reflected in different patakies or Yoruba legends, we share one of them where his power is evident.

Earlier, we recall that "the Ebbó" is a religious ceremony which can be an offering, sacrifice or purification.

The Pataki of Ejiogbe where he advises everyone for good

It is told in one of his stories that one day Ejiogbe was walking with his mother on the way to the market place when he approached a lady to tell her that she had a problem that she had to solve.

The woman wanted to deny it right away, but Ejiogbe, before she could say anything, told her that he had known that she had been pregnant for a long time, but that her pregnancy was not developing as it should.

The woman is amazed because she herself did not know.

Ejiogbe then advises the lady to make a sacrifice to Eshú with:

  • Hen (abo bye), 
  • dove (eyelé),
  • five kola nuts,
  • sixteen snails (ayé) and
  • oñi (honey).

He also recommends that he offer a roast goat, Akará (bread made from beans) and Ekó (tamale made from corn) to Eshú.

The woman, anxious to see her healthy pregnancy, listens to Ejiogbe and soon brings all the belongings to him to make a sacrifice to Eshú.

Finished the sacrifice Ejiogbe assures him that very soon he will see the results, that his child will be born without problems, but as soon as the child was born he had to bring a small snake to offer it to Orunmila as a sign of gratitude.

Ejiogbe keeps giving advice to save

The woman leaves and Ejiogbe already on his way back to his house meets the squirrel to which he advises him to make an offering to Eshú with a goat, so that every word he said would not cause him problems.

Before Ejiogbe's advice, she replies:

  • If what you want is to eat, the best thing you do is leave because you're not going to get anything from me.

Ejiogbe turns back and continues on his path.

He then meets the snake and Ejiogbe tells him that death is spinning around him and that a nearby neighbor will kill him, but this one does not make ebbo either, ignoring the advice received.

On the way Ejiogbe also meets the palm and advises him to make a sacrifice with Eshú offering a goat because problems outside of her could cause problems.añaRLA.

While the squirrel and the snake do not make ebo, the palm pays attention and hastily complies.

When Ebbó is not done, evil comes walking

Time passes and news reaches Ejiogbe that the pregnant woman was already in labor and needed his help.

He goes to the house of the woman in labor and helps her in the delivery room, where a boy is born.

After the birth of her son, the woman's husband goes hunting for food and looking for a snake to offer to Orunmila, thus fulfilling what was promised to Ejiogbe.

Immediately the snake finds out that his neighbor's wife has given birth to a child and remembers what Ejiogbe said, he gets scared and runs to the mountain.

When the hunter hears the noise of the squirrel, he goes in search of it, entering the mountain and with the help of a machete he cuts all the weeds that were blocking the path and were at the same time entangled in a palm tree.

Thus the man finds his prey and at the same time the snake that was hiding.

Moral of this Ejiogbe story:

Do not stop doing Ebbó when Ejiogbe sends you, because you will be trapped like the squirrel and the snake.

Faced with his powerful advice, only those who pay attention will be saved, like the palm that Ebbó made and thus was able to free itself from the weeds that surrounded its trunk and did not allow it to breathe freely.

14 Tips for this 2022 according to the ruling sign Ejiogbe

This year 2022 Ejiogbe is the ruling sign that is why it is very important to comply with the advice that it gives us, only then will the religious find a path full of iré, luck, evolution and health.

  1. This Oddun suggests organization in all spheres of life.
  2. It is recommended that the population give us a snapper at the head after consulting with Orunmila.
  3. Patience and serenity are recommended in the face of life problems.
  4. We must be humble and simple, avoid pride and bad manners.
  5. It is recommended to ensure the care of hygiene and sanitary measures to avoid the spread of contagious diseases and / or caused by vectors.
  6. Household flushes with stained water.
  7. Maintain a systematic attention to the ancestors with sacrifices and offerings of all kinds.
  8. Pay greater attention at home to the education of children and young people.
  9. Establish favorable Agreements on Migration Policies to avoid loss of human life.
  10. Strengthen educational and social work to reduce smoking and alcoholism in the population.
  11. Caring for and promoting maternal and child protection programs.
  12. Respect the institution of marriage.
  13. Complete and receive Orishanla everyone who has it pending.
  14. Continue paying special attention to the age group called Seniors.

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