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Asking old man San Lázaro for health and miracles

Miracles of Saint Lazarus

Saint Lazarus it is a figure of myths and legends and of miraculous cures.

The devotees see in him Saint Lazarus Blessed, canonized by the Roman Catholic Church and Lazarus, a poor beggar represented as an old man who wears rags and uses a pair of crutches, with sores on his legs and surrounded by dogs.

Babalu Aye, orisha of the Yoruba religion who is syncretized with this saint, is also a healing deity of leprosy, smallpox, venereal diseases, of the skin and in general of pests and misery.

Usually, the believers keep secret the miracles of San Lazaro and Babalú Ayé, but much is said about cures of mortal diseases and the end of misfortunes.

Saint Lazarus, miracles and cures

Penitents keep the saint's response to their ills a secret, but the supplications and promises heard by thousands each year at the Sanctuary make it clear that people place all their faith in the deity's actions.

Although not many comment on the miraculous actions of San Lázaro, the phrase “Saint Lazarus saved meSaid with all the love and devotion that words can contain.

In these times of pandemic that the world is facing, hundreds of devotees have come to ask the saint for the end of the disease and the cure, because the miraculous old man has always listened and attended to the prayers of his devotees.

Miraculous prayer to Saint Lazarus:

In the Name of Saint Lazarus, may the good spirits help me and come to my aid. When I suffer from some illness or am in some danger, stop them, and they don't come to me.

And may this serve as proof of your protection for me and make, Saint Lazarus, that your spirit be my faith and all who are by my side, and that, in you, my patron find the strength that my matter needs to be able to carry the hard tests of this planet in which habitaCome on, grant me the miracle I ask of you and my devotion to you will be eternal, the Glory of all. Amen.

Pilgrimage and faith in the miraculous old man in Cuba

There is no religious date in Cuba, compared to the Saint Lazarus Day.

The Catholic figure of Saint Lazarus and the Yoruba representation of the Orisha Babalu Aye, they obtain from the people of Cuba, the most immense devotion as those who cure diseases and work miracles.

El Sanctuary of San Lázaro, to the west of the capital city of Santiago de las Vegas, precisely in the town of "El Rincón" collects every December 17, the good will and faith of the Cubans.

Many devotees in jute and purple robes come to that temple to pay their respects and gratitude to the venerated Saint Lazarus, father of faith and representative of Afro-Cuban culture.

There are many who are also going to keep their promises, spiritual promises that implore the healing of a sick child, a dying father, and of the many evils that afflict today's society, but they also come close to giving thanks for all the good things. that is received in life. 

Thus, thousands of people promise to bring various offerings to the Sanctuary, from the simplest to the most ostentatious, many with great sentimental value, walk through numerous places on their knees, with chains or carrying stones, let their hair grow to incredible lengths, kiss the floor. of the sanctuary and many others.

Every year the pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of San Lazaro to pay tribute, exceeds 15 thousand believers who go there to thank and implore his miracles.

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