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At the end of the Meeting: A solemn act within the Spiritist Doctrine

Spiritual Mass, song and final prayer

The performance of spiritual masses It is a practice of yesteryear, everyone who participates in a meeting of this type does so with the intention of:

  • Develop spiritually,
  • know a little more about the practices of spiritism,
  • receive and provide messages if you have the gift of clairvoyance and
  • share in peace and unity with your brothers.

The final part of the masses is not the favorite moment of the meeting, because according to what many of those who have had the privilege of participating in them have revealed, they consider that the beginning and the proper development of the activity are more seductive, because they believe in a certain way. way in the person an expectation of significant attention.

How to dismiss a Spiritual Mass?

Although the culmination of the mass is not so attractive it is an essential part of the meeting, being the space that allows you:

  • First of all, thank the spirits who have attended and
  • fire them knowing the result of their messages.

To close a mass the prayer entitled "At the end of the meeting" and immediately afterwards the farewell song is performed, the people stand up, take the glasses in their hands and the candle goes out.

There are religious houses who defend the criterion of cleaning themselves with the water from the basin (container) that remains in front of the table in the vault, while others, when it is time to dismiss the session, prefer to throw the contents of the same towards the street.

The spiritual Mass: The final song and prayer

Prayer to end the meeting

We give thanks to the good spirits who have wanted to come to communicate with us; We ask you to help us put into practice the instructions that you have given us, and that when we leave here each one of us feels fortified in the practices of good and love of neighbor.

We also hope that these instructions are helpful to the suffering, ignorant or vicious spirits who have attended this meeting, and upon whom we implore God's mercy.

Song to dismiss the spiritual reunion

Beings are leaving, beings are leaving,

The beings go to another mansion.

Thank you we give you, thank you we give you,

We give thanks to the Divine Lord.

Thanks…. Thanks…

We give thanks to the Divine Lord.

Goodbye my brothers, goodbye

The commission is dismissed

To the spaces, to the spaces, to the spaces

With God we begin, with God we continue and we thank God.

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