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The Spiritual Masses and their secrets ≫ Everything we need to know!

Santeria spiritual mass

The spiritual mass It is a means where you can communicate with spirits of your spiritual picture, through them we know the spirits that assist and protect us, and our spiritual guide.

These beings of light, spiritual guides who do not have to be necessarily
consanguineous, they arrive to give clarity. In these Masses these spirits warn us and guide us to get to develop ourselves spiritually.

The practices of these sacred meetings in Cuba, have spiritualistic antecedents and African religions, a product of religious syncretism today is called Santeria, for this reason entities of Eggun or spirits of the deceased are invoked, before a spiritual vault.

Spiritual Mass classes

Spiritual Masses are based on the principles of Alan Kardec and his Spiritual Prayer Book.

There are different types of masses, all of them share the same purpose, to establish a connection with beings from beyond:

  • Spiritual Research Mass: Your objective is to investigate which spirits accompany you.añan.
  • Mass of Ratification of the Spiritual Picture: A rectification of the previous mass where you want to deepen more about these beings.
  • Coronation Mass: In the Afro-Cuban religion it is usually done before the aleyo (not initiated in the religion) enters to consecrate himself in the Rule of Osha (Santeria).
  • Mass of Spiritual Growth: It is done to develop the spiritual picture of people who already know it and want to grow spiritually through this connection.

What is necessary to perform a spiritual mass?

Spiritual Mass in Santeria
  • Alan Kardec's prayer book and a book of spiritual songs
  • Table with neat white tablecloth
  • Cups or glasses number 7 or 9 with clean water
  • A crucifix inside the Cup of the Holy Sacrament with a rosary on top
  • A wooden crucifix on the table, in case a negative energy entity or a dark dead person appears and with it calm their fury.
  • Flowers preferably white and fresh
  • Cascarilla
  • White candles, more than 1, because if it is consumed it must be replaced by another.
  • Florida or cologne water with soft, fresh scents
  • Tobacco
  • Incense to attract light spirits
  • Two basins or containers for stripping:

Container location:

One of them goes under the spiritual vault and flowers, holy water, eau de cologne, and indigo are thrown on it, which represents the protection and unification of the sea and the sky.

And the other at the entrance to the house, with the same ingredients so that the participants of the mass clean themselves before entering the home and can leave the negative vibes.

The Notebook that keeps secrets, an essential element

The notebook keeps the secrets revealed in the mass, that is why it is so necessary in this sacred ceremony, in it everything that happens is written.

If the Spiritual Mass is for a deceased, it should be noted in the notebook (notebook) his name and date of birth, and a photo of the deceased on the table.

A person must be present who carries the notebook where everything he hears at Mass will be written so that later the consulted knows the advice, names of their spirits, works or any other recommendation that has been marked.

Drinks needed at mass:

The drinks that are needed are varied and depending on how the ceremony is presented, some of them are:

  • Aguardiente and jícaras because a gangulero spirit can appear and they like to drink in them.
  • Dry wine without salt, in case a spirit with action of Saint Lazarus.
  • Anise for the madame and the gypsies.

Bee honeyIt is also a very necessary element in case a spirit appears that has never spoken. You must wet the lips of your "horse" with this nectar, combined with tobacco ashes and this helps it to speak.

Attentions and items necessary for dark spirits

Some elements like these below are essential in case a spirit with negative energies or a dark dead person is present at Mass and cleaning is necessary:

  • Dry coconut
  • Alcohol to burn
  • Spiritual herbs that may be needed if this type of being occurs, and to cleanse with them. Examples of these powerful plants are: Pacific Sea, Dead Espanta, Almacigo, Abre Camino, Basil, Rompezaragüey.

In spiritual Masses it is necessary to take into account:

  • The clothing must be properly dressed, in white, clean, with a white cap, keel or scarf covering the head for protection during the ceremony.
  • The mirrors in the house are covered with a white sheet.
  • The presence of at least 2 spiritualists is always recommended at Masses.
  • Punctuality is recommended.
  • Be silent at Mass, disconnected from the outside world.

Before starting the ceremony:

Before beginning the spiritual masses, prior knowledge should be given to Eleggua of the spiritual work that will be done in his home, since this orisha is the one who protects the home and should be given attention first in any ceremony and light a candle in his name.

Knowledge is also given to the Egguns tile and attention should be paid.

Locations of those present

Those who participate in the mass should sit apart so that the spiritual pictures are not confused.

In the investigation masses, the consulted person will be seated in a chair in the center and under that chair a glass of water, in which they will put a crucifix, a white flower and a white candle.

When all are seated, the incense is passed throughout the house and to all the participants to open the astral door of the mass.

The eau de cologne is passed around for the dispossession and at the same time praying an Our Father and a Hail Mary.

On both sides of the table will be seated two spiritists, the spiritist with the left hand opens the masses with his prayers, which must be read with faith, strength and spirituality.

The spiritist on the right is the one who closes the mass also with prayers and spiritual songs.

After finishing the prayers, they should begin with the songs, those present will go one by one to clean themselves in the basin in front of the spiritual Vault, after the people who are seated at the table.

End the spiritual mass:

When the Meeting ends, we thank the good people who were present, who gave us advice and help, those who communicated and allowed clear communication with us, and we ask from our hearts that they give us light and wisdom to be able to carry out correctly and with love the advice given.

At the end of the ceremony the spiritist sitting on the right side of the vault begins to sing:

Beings leave, beings leave, beings go to another mansion
We give thanks, We give thanks, We give thanks to the Divine Lord
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, we give to the Divine Lord

At the close of Mass, everything should be left clean, the water, the flowers, and the spiritual vault reassembled again. 

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