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Mobiles Orishas: art, spirituality and Cubanness

Mobiles Orishas Oshun

When we are inspired by our Orishas the result is wonderful, thus this beautiful collection called Mobile Orishas, inspired by the deities of the yoruba pantheon. Mobiles not only convey flexibility, vivid colors and sacred attributes of the Orishas, ​​but they inspire protection and spirituality… they are magical.

Perhaps “color” does not characterize in all its complexity the intense mix of bright tones and hidden feelings that the Cuban designer Yamile Salomón Infante shows us in each collection.

Pieces that seem to take on new shapes and meanings with each look we dedicate to them. Beautiful waves that not only exude beauty, but also history, determination, legends, roots or simply… Cubanness.

Joy Color creations are characterized by an impressive aesthetic minimalism that makes their confections, works of art with paths of reflection. Culture and traditions with intrinsic desire to be understood.

And the new collection "Mobiles Orishas ”, does not lose the line, but rather surprises by the exceptional and novelty of its reflection of Afro-Cuban roots seen from the most intense artistic expression of intermingled colors, simple designs and energetic forms.

For this collection, Yamile Salomón made mobiles, those ornamental objects made up of various figures that sway and moan with the wind, creating in the homes where they are, a pleasant sensation of pure well-being.

The inspiration for this collection, as defined by the artist herself, is the Yoruba religious tradition in its beauty and complexity, both qualities that are submerged in a myriad of flexible forms firmly drawn and full of lines and colors that seem to emerge from them. forces of nature.

They are the Orishas, ​​the main protagonists of pieces approximately 50 centimeters high, represented by the artist in all her grace and splendor, in imaginative styles that give a special interpretation to that so Cuban tribute that, from the heart, is dedicated to those who are the protectors of the people.

Interview with Yamile Salomón

The designer Yamile tells us about this wonderful and spiritual experience:

How did this idea come about? Why mobile?

They have been very capricious months, personally and collectively. I take refuge in the things that give me pleasure and joy, creating is one of them, when I am in that process everything flourishes, it was something I needed at that time and linking religion was like a great spring, which has brought me a lot of satisfaction .

The Orishas theme was a conscientious decision, I wanted to approach them from my style and with the materials that I usually work with, but not from the jewels, I was looking to create new products, different from what I was doing, something that was more encompassing in genre, that It will work for everyone ... and well, the mind starts to connect ideas and wow! Decorative Mobiles.

The 1st designs were Yemaya, Oshun y orula, I made the prototypes and when I saw them physical I told myself that he owed me everyone's design.

Do you feel any spiritual connection when you make them?

Spiritual connection always! Especially with Elegua, it must be that I am the daughter of Oshun… Every time I make Eleguá I hang it on my wall next to the door and it doesn't leave until I have to hand it over.

How did you choose the attributes of the Orishas?

The Orishas have many attributes, I was governed by a basic law of design and communication, as if I were designing a brand or a poster, you cannot put everything, you must choose what is the most important thing you want to show, I tried to choose the most important attributes known to each orisha, no more than three elements, that would be enough.

What other Orishas do you plan to do to complete this series?

The next will be Babalu y Oggun, but I want to make them all little by little, for example, the ibeyis I am very excited ...

Do you have future projects inspired by religion?

I want to make a series of graphic textures using the elements that I have already worked on in this collection, under the same minimal and colorful style… although this idea is at rest.

Out of curiosity Are the so-called rattles in Cuba like? Do they sound?

They do not sound, and although you can hang it anywhere I designed them to be hung on the wall. The sound would have been a spectacular element, perhaps later.

Mobiles Orishas Collection:

Mobile Orishas
Mobiles Orishas Eleguá
Joy Color Mobiles Orishas Collection: Orisha Eleguá
Mobiles Orishas Yemaya
Joy Color Mobiles Orishas Collection: Orisha Yemayá
Mobiles Orishas Shango
Joy Color Mobiles Orishas Collection: Orisha Shango
Mobiles Orishas Oshun
Joy Color Mobiles Orishas Collection: Orisha Oshún
Mobile Orishas Oyá
Joy Color Mobiles Orishas Collection: Orisha Oyá
Mobile Orishas Orula
Joy Color Mobiles Orishas Collection: Orisha Orula
Mobiles Orishas Obatala
Joy Color Mobiles Orishas Collection: Orisha Obatalá

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