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10 Reasons why the Mount is sacred in the Osha-Ifá Rule

Ride the Regla Osha Ifá

In our religion of Osha-Ifá when we do ebbo (cleaning), they are almost always taken to the places where weabitan the Orishas, ​​unless you mark another destination.

The mountain does not represent only a vast terrain, for a religious the mountain is sacred.

The lands covered by weeds or wild herbs are maniguas and when you enter them you discover the mountains, sacred sites that give us the mysteries and spirituality of nature.

Properties and meaning of the Mount in the Osha-Ifá Religion

  1. The owner of the mountain is Oggun, is where he hunts oshosi, and the paths of Eleggua, it is the abode of all our Orishas.
  2. In the mountain you can find all the Eshu, the Iwi who are ghosts, the adalúm who are Eguns (spirits) and to Iyondó that they are dark spirits.
  3. In the mountain is where life is generated, our Yoruba religion is born from the mountain, everything prodigious and sacred can be found in it.
  4. The mountain is our sanctuary, you must always enter it with respect and formality.
  5. In the mountain lives osain, a divining Orisha who governs nature, possesses great knowledge of the properties of each plant. He is known as the doctor of the paradise of the God Oloddumare.
  6. Osain del Monte should always be consulted for any ceremony and consecration, and each Osha and Orisha have an Osain, the very representation of nature.
  7. If you go to the Mount and talk to him, he listens to you.

The mountain holds ancient secrets and can offer you spiritual and physical well-being, as well as offering you the means to defend yourself from everything bad.

  1. Each plant, herb and tree of the Orishas has a special purpose, therefore:

It is essential to know what the plants that we ask for from the forest are needed for, permission must always be requested, otherwise their stems and leaves will not have the necessary virtues.

  1. To everything that is found in the solemn mountain such as plants, sticks, stones, before being used in rituals, rights must be deposited, these tributes can be money, tobacco, brandy, even blood sacrifices.
  2. To enter the mountain, the Osainistas pray and greet the winds so that they can be given a license and allow them to collect plants or whatever they need.

Who is he Osainist? He is a spiritual initiate who usually knows all the plants and has extensive knowledge of each of the herbs that are used in the consecrations and ceremonies within the Osha-Ifá Rule.

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