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Do you know the Mpungu of the Gangulero in the Mayombe Rule?


Within the Mayombe Rule there is a hierarchy that must be respected in consecrations and in decision-making, the highest level is held by Nzambi the deity of creation, then Lungombe is a controversial god who bases his powers on destruction and destruction. malevolence.

The Mpungu are the third link of this religious chain, these are nothing more than deities encapsulated in centers, the place from which they act and where the foundation of their power is found.

  • The Nfuri habitan in ships, these are wandering spirits who render services,
  • the Bakalu are the ancestral spirits to whom the drainer turns for guidance and advice, and
  • it is known as nfumbe to the anonymous spirits whose origin is unknown.

The Mpungu Mayombero Spirits

Among the Mpungo or Mpungu with whom the gangulero works we can mention:

  • Gurunfinda and Nkuyu the deities who know the secrets of plants,
  • Kobayende the god of death and disease,
  • Mariwara the protective entity, Mother of water the goddess of fertility,
  • Mama Chola the owner of wealth,
  • Mama Kengue the spirit of wisdom,
  • Seven rays the protector of fire,
  • Sarabanda the deity of brute force,
  • Tonde the soul of divination and
  • Watariamba the spirit of the hunt.


Also known as Pungu Mama Wanga, Centella Ndoki, Yaya Ndoki, Mariwara, Mama Linda and Campo Santo, this deity is known for being in charge of guarding the door that separates life from death, the good from the bad and the beginning. and the end of things.

Ma Lango:

It is the spirit that possesses the virtue of fertility and prosperity, this is responsible for renewal as it is an extremely powerful entity.

It is known under the names of Madre de Agua, Kalunga, Mama Kalunga, Pungo Kasimba, Mama Umba, Mbumba Mamba, Nkita Kiamasa, Nkita Kuna Mamba and Baluande.

Water is the natural element that dominates and on which it works.

Chola Wenguere:

Mama Chola, Chola nengue or Chola Wengue are the names adopted by the deity of wealth and pleasures in the cult of ganguleros.

This spirit is always welcome in the munansos because with its arrival it brings unfolding and blessings. 

Ma Kengue:

Yola represents the spirit of wisdom, this one known under the names of Tiembla Tierra, Pandinga and Mama Kengue is in charge of taking justice into his own hands.

He is an uncompromising and impartial deity who will not fear avenging the innocent or imposing punishment.

Seven rays:

He is the god of thunder, fire is the natural element that dominates and with which he works, represents all the imperfections and virtues of man.

Among his powers is to exercise dominion over the enemy with the help of the woods of the mountain.

Sarabande or Rompe Monte:

It represents the spirit of work and brute force. This is the one in charge of defeating other ganguleros when they commit the fault of attacking a brother of religion.


Also known as Madioma, Mpungo Lomboan Fula, Nsambia Munalembe, Tonde, Daday, Munalendo and Father Time is the god of divination and the winds.

This with his foresighted oracle alerts the drainer of the events that are about to happen so that he can take action in this regard.

Surumba mukalla:

Named Watariamba, Nkuyo Lufo, Nguatariamba Enfumba Bata, Saca Empeño and Cabo Rondo, he is represented as the god of hunting and war.

This one has a strong and bellicose character, it is necessary that he not be bothered in vain because with his fury he is capable of devastating turning everything to ashes.

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