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The Murder and Mysteries of Bella Lola: A Popular Cuban Legend

Lola's death

«It was three in the afternoon when they killed Lola, and those who saw her say that as she was dying she said, I want to see that man who took my life, I want to see him and kiss him so I can die in peace.

With this fragment of the famous singer-songwriter Rafael Hernández, the death of the beautiful Lola was immortalized.

A woman who, with no more fortune than an inexhaustible beauty, would achieve the eternal glory of not dying in oblivion over the years, because in Cuba everyone knows regardless of the date on which the events occurred, that it was at three in the afternoon when they found her dead.

The death of La Bella Lola What is the story of Dolores?

Lola's existence was a mystery to this day that has been unraveled.añaI do very little.

But despite the passing of the years, his presence in the popular heritage does not stop inviting us to carry out an investigation on the life of one of the most exquisite faces of twentieth-century Cuba.

The legend of Lola's murder keeps unknowns that they tried in vain to be buried by money, because this character was very loved yesterday, so the people would not let his memory be stained without obtaining a deserved correction.

Who was the Bella Lola?

According to historical sources, the Murcian woman named Dolores Oropesa lived in an apartment located on the corner of Nueva Pilar and Belascoaín, who served as a dancer and who, by chance of fate, was forced to prostitute herself to survive.

Among her lovers, a man stood out who, blinded by jealousy, put aside the Hippocratic oath, to put an end to the life of the beautiful girl.

It was three in the afternoon when they killed Lola

It was 1948 the year in which Lola would leave this world victim of multiple stab wounds to the chest.

It is presumed that his murderer was a wealthy man belonging to the highest sectors of Cuban society at that time, who was given to the pleasures of life and the excessive ingestion of alcoholic beverages.

It is believed that this distinguished gentleman always dressed in black and that despite carrying a revolver with him, he preferred the use of a knife to silence the beauty of Dolores perpetually.

The perpetrator of such a heinous crime was a doctor named Edmundo Mas, who slanted Lola's life one fateful afternoon just as the clock struck three.

He thought that due to the difficult life of his victim the fact would go unpunished, but what would be his surprise when he discovered that even the president in power Grau San Martín would make an evocation of this fact in the middle of one of his speeches.

Being the phrase, It was three in the afternoon when Lola was killed, one of the most pronounced by the Cuban people since then.

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