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The Santeria and the act of cremation Santeros must NOT be cremated!

Death of a santero

Cremation is a funeral practice which consists of the incineration of the corpse to ashes and thus guarantee the will of those who prefer to be buried in this way, respecting the religious belief of each one and the concepts of hygiene, ease of procedures related to the exhumation of the remains and the time invested in these processes.

Why do people choose cremation?

Some say in life they want to be subjected to this process after dying because they have certain fears associated with the phobia of waking up once they have been buried, called tapephobia.

Others claim to feel chills just thinking about the natural decomposition of the inert body, while others consider the need to do so because they fear being outraged or simply because they do not have their own pantheon to bury their dead.

The position of the Church before cremation.

The Catholic Church has not spoken openly regarding the denial of cremation, although this is a possibility that its followers do not reject, who to perform this funeral rite rely on the biblical phrase:

From the dust you come and to the dust it will return

While others reject this practice as similar to suffering the torture of metaphorical assistance to hell, due to the presence of heat and flames.

Can the Santeros incinerate his remains?

godparents santeros

The practice of Santeria in Cuba and other slopes of the African currents on the Antillean island openly reject the cremation of the corpse, alleging the need to perform a secret and determined number of ceremonies on the deceased that require the presence of the deceased's body.

On the other hand, older and younger santeros claim to have the conviction that reducing their body to ashes will erase their spiritual identity and skew the possibility of being reunited with their loved ones in a happier world. 

The Death of a Santero must be respected according to the precepts of religion

It is valid to mention that in various Yoruba currents death is associated with an evolution of the soul towards another higher plane in which the presence of a holy grave and mortal remains is needed to be recognized by the deities.

Serving this as a link between the deceased and his relatives, a reality that in one way or another will keep him from oblivion.

There are other theories that relate the reincarnation of the soul, as long as they have left their inert terrestrial matter intact.

As long as it has been duly dismissed, the soul will rise and begin to prepare for its subsequent return to the earth plane. 

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